Hair Straighteners

Create a multitude of looks and styles with Oz Hair & Beauty’s extensive range of high quality hair straighteners.


No beauty kit is complete without these versatile machines that can craft beachy waves, flicks, curly hair styles and of course classically straight hair. For a look that is sleek, effortless and stylish, you can’t be without your very own hair straightener. Whether you want a straightener for it’s intended use, or if you’re one of those resourceful people who know how to curl hair with straightener, we have all the best hair straightener options.


Welcome to our Hair Straighteners category at Oz Hair and Beauty, where sleek, smooth hair is just a glide away. Whether you're crafting poker-straight styles or soft curls, our extensive range of straighteners caters to every hair need and type.

Top-Quality Choices
Our selection boasts the best hair straighteners in the market, featuring renowned brands like ghd, Dyson, and Cloud Nine. From the classic ghd hair straightener to the innovative Dyson hair straightener and the versatile Cloud Nine hair straightener, find the perfect tool to achieve flawless straight hair.


Specialized Straighteners for Every Need
Explore specialized options like the cordless hair straightener for on-the-go styling, the mini hair straightener for quick fixes, and the travel hair straightener for your adventures. The GHD Gold hair straightener and GHD Max Wide hair straightener are perfect for those seeking luxury and efficiency.


For All Hair Types and Styles
Whether you're managing curly hair, taming frizzy hair, or styling thick hair, our straighteners, including the Muk hair straightener and Silver Bullet hair straightener, offer the versatility and power you need.


Innovative Straightening Tools
For those who prefer brush-style straighteners, we have plenty of hair straightener brush options, such as the GHD straightening brush is a must-try. The hair straightening brush combines the ease of brushing with the effectiveness of straightening.

Heat Protection and Hair Care
Excessive use of heat styling without proper care can often lead to heat damaged hair. To tackle hair damage, explore our damaged hair treatment, as well as the best shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair. Keep your hair protected with heat protectant sprays like the GHD heat protect spray and Kerastase heat protectant. Pair your straightener with hair straightening products, including hair straightening creams, for best results.


Complete Sets and Accessories
Check out our hair dryer and straightener sets for a comprehensive styling solution. Keep your tools safely stored with a hair straightener holder. For those with specific needs, we offer wide plate hair straighteners like the GHD wide plate, and for professional-level care, the titanium hair straightener and ceramic hair straightener options are ideal.

Leading Brands in Hair Straightening
Experience the luxury of GHD, including their innovative GHD Duet Style, and the precision of Cloud Nine with their popular Cloud Nine Wide Iron. For those seeking quality and affordability, Silver Bullet and Muk, with its range of Muk hair products, are excellent choices. Explore the innovative design and advanced technology of the H2D Hair Straightener, perfect for achieving silky smooth, straight hair with ease and precision.


At Oz Hair and Beauty, we're committed to providing you with the tools you need for perfect hair straightening experiences. Our curated selection of hair straighteners, from high-end to budget-friendly, ensures that everyone can find their ideal match for achieving beautiful, straight, and healthy hair.

If you have questions about the hair straighteners available at Oz Hair & Beauty or want styling advice, reach out to our friendly customer service team using our live chat service.

    Frequently asked questions(11)

    How to Curl Hair with a Straightener?

    To curl hair with a straightener, clamp a small section of hair between the plates, turn the straightener 180 degrees, and slowly glide it down the hair length. The speed and angle determine the tightness of the curl.

    How to Straighten Your Hair?

    To straighten hair, use a hair straightener on dry, detangled hair. Section your hair and glide the straightener from roots to ends in one smooth motion. A heat protectant is recommended to prevent damage.

    What is the Best Hair Straightener?

    The best hair straightener depends on your hair type and needs. Options like the ghd hair straightener, Dyson hair straightener, and Cloud Nine hair straightener are popular due to their advanced technology and versatile features.