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There’s no denying it. When we look incredible. We feel incredible. So at CLOUD NINE, we exist to do better by hair. And better by skin. Giving you all the confidence of feeling at your best. With none of the compromise on your hair’s health. Because great beauty tools aren’t just the ones that make you look amazing today. They’re the ones that look after your hair tomorrow. 

Our Hero Hair Health Features

Revive Mode (Pro Collection only)

We’re breaking the cycle of breakage. With our revolutionary Revive Mode. A powerful setting, that’s gentle on hair. Featuring Axial Vibration Technology. Once activated, temperature is pre-set to 150°C and plates vibrate at maximum frequency, to feed hair between them with minimum friction. No drag. No snag. Use every time you style to improve hair health.

Variable Temperature Control

When it comes to heat, less is more. Our iconic CLOUD NINE tools feature Variable Temperature Control. A range of heat settings. For a range of hair types. Meaning you can style at the healthiest temperature for you. Because no hair is the same. Lower heat. Higher shine. Hair that stays in place. And stays healthy. 

Mineral Infusion

Sericite. Meets Tourmaline. Every CLOUD NINE tool is infused with our signature duo of moisture-locking minerals. For hair that’s stronger. Shinier. Smoother. Root to tip. 

Floating Plates

We’re clamping down on clamping hair, with Ceramic Floating Plates. Designed with Spring-Flex Technology, plates adjust when closed. To cushion the impact of styling. And put an end to split ends.

Whatever your hair type. Whatever your style. Our intelligent irons, wands, dryers and beauty devices are designed to deliver instant feel good. Again and again and again.

    Frequently asked questions(5)

    What is Cloud Nine?

    Cloud Nine is a popular hair brand that offers a range of professional-grade hair styling tools, including hair straighteners, curling wands, and hair dryers. The brand is known for its innovative technology and high-quality products.

    Where to buy Cloud Nine hair straighteners?

    You can buy Cloud Nine hair straighteners online & in-store at Oz Hair and Beauty.

    Are Cloud Nine hair dryers good?

    Cloud Nine hair dryers are generally well-regarded and known for their quality performance. They are designed to deliver fast and efficient drying while minimizing heat damage to the hair. The brand incorporates advanced technologies and features to provide professional results. However, individual experiences may vary, and it's always advisable to read customer reviews or seek recommendations from hairstylists before making a purchase.