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Curling Irons

Discover how easy it is to create professional curls and waves with Oz Hair & Beauty’s range of hair curling irons, curling tongs and hair wavers.


Our wide range includes curlers suitable for any hair type, length and style. With a variety of the products featuring tapered curling tongs or multiple wands of varying thicknesses, you can use the same product to create many different looks and styles.


From effortless beachy waves to bouncy curls and structured ringlets, you will find the perfect curling iron for your style. Choose a thinner curling wand for a tighter curl or a larger curling wand to create soft waves and movement. Hair wavers have moved on from the 2000 crimping phase, and now come in various sizes to create beautiful looking waves.


Welcome to our Curling Irons category at Oz Hair and Beauty, your ultimate destination for achieving perfect curls and waves. Whether you're seeking tight ringlets or loose, beachy waves, our extensive range of curling tools caters to every curl aspiration.

Top-Quality Curling Irons
Explore our selection of the best curling irons in the market, including the GHD curling iron, Dyson curling iron, Hot Tools curling iron and the Cloud 9 curling iron. Our hair curling irons are designed to create beautiful curls while minimizing heat damage to your hair.


Specialized Curling Irons
For specific needs, check out our rotating curling iron, large barrel curling iron for big, voluminous curls, and curling iron for short hair. The 32mm curling iron is perfect for creating soft, natural-looking curls.

Versatile Curling Wands
Our curling wands range from the GHD curling wand to the Babyliss Pro curling wand. The Muk curling wand and Silver Bullet curling wand offer additional variety. With options like the small curling wand and thick curling wand, such as the 38mm curling wand and 13mm curling wand for every curl type. For styling on-the-go, we have lots of mini curling wand options.


Innovative Curling Tongs 
Discover curling tongs like the GHD soft curl tong, Cloud 9 curling tongs, muk curl stick and skinny curling tongs. Our selection ensures precision and ease, catering to all curl preferences. 


Triple Barrel and Wave Wands
For more adventurous styles, try our triple barrel curler. Triple tong curler options such as Bondi Boost wave wand & Mermaid wave wand are excellent for creating distinctive waves.

Shampoo, Conditioner, and Heat Protection
Maintaining curling iron-styled hair requires the right care. We offer the best shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair and damaged hair treatment. Heat protectant products are always essential when using curling irons. Always use a heat protectant spray before styling to protect your hair from heat damage.

Leading Brands in Hair Styling
Our collection features top brands like Muk, GHD, Cloud Nine, Babyliss Pro, and Silver Bullet. Whether you're looking for a GHD curler, Cloud Nine waving wand, Muk hair curler, or Silver Bullet curler, we have the perfect tool for your hair.


At Oz Hair and Beauty, we're dedicated to providing you with the best curling irons and wands to help you achieve your dream curls. Explore our range and find the perfect tool to add to your styling arsenal, ensuring gorgeous curls and waves every time.


If you have questions about the curling irons available at Oz Hair & Beauty or want styling advice, reach out to our friendly customer service team using our live chat service.

    Frequently asked questions(10)

    How Do I Curl My Hair with a Flat Iron?

    To curl your hair with a flat iron, take a small section of hair and clamp it with the iron. Twist the iron away from your face and glide it down the length of the hair. The speed and angle of gliding will determine the curl's tightness.

    How to Use a Curling Iron?

    To use a curling iron, start with dry, detangled hair. Wrap a section of hair around the barrel, hold for a few seconds, then release. The size of the barrel and the time you hold the hair will affect the curl's size and shape.

    How to Curl Hair with a Curling Wand?

    Hold the curling wand downward and wrap a section of hair around it, starting near the root and winding down. Hold for a few seconds and release gently. Use a heat protectant spray to prevent damage.