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At Oz Hair and Beauty, we proudly offer a wide range of Joico hair products. As a leading hair brand, Joico Australia has established itself as a professional and trusted name in the industry. With a focus on quality and innovation, Joico delivers exceptional results for all hair types. If you're looking to buy Joico shampoo and conditioner, treatments, or any other Joico products, you've come to the right place. Discover the transformative power of Joico for yourself and learn about each Joico range outlined below.

Blonde Life:

Achieve stunning blonde locks with the Blonde Life Joico collection. Start with the Joico Blonde Life shampoo (also know as Joico Purple Shampoo) designed to neutralize brassiness and maintain vibrant, cool-toned blondes. For added vibrancy, pair this with the Joico Blonde life violet conditioner and discover the rest of the range specifically formulated to enhance and nourish blonde hair, you'll achieve radiant, luminous hair that turns heads wherever you go.


Embrace your creativity with Joico hair color products. Whether you're looking for subtle highlights or bold, vibrant hues, Joico offers a range of options to suit your style. With their advanced formulations and extensive color selection, Joico ensures long-lasting, brilliant color results that leave your hair looking stunning.

Color Balance:

Maintain the vibrancy of your color-treated hair with the best Joico shampoo for color-treated hair. Joico's Color Balance range is specifically designed to preserve the integrity of your color while keeping it looking fresh and vibrant. Experience the ultimate color protection and maintain your salon-worthy look with Joico's Color Balance collection.

Color Infuse:

This collection is specially formulated to intensify and prolong the life of your color-treated hair. Choose from a variety of shades to amplify your hair color and maintain its brilliance between salon visits and enhance and enrich your hair color with a Joico Color shampoo from this range. 

Color Intensity:

Discover the world of Joico Color Intensity (Semi Permanent Joico Hair Colour), a range that allows you to express your individuality with vibrant, bold colors. Joico Colour Intensity offers an extensive selection of shades, from vivid blues like Aqua Flow and Cobalt Blue to softer tones like Blush. With the Color Intensity line, you can create stunning, unique looks that make a statement. Explore the Joico Color Intensity range and unleash your creativity.

Defy Damage:

Protect your hair from damage with the Joico Defy Damage collection. Formulated with powerful ingredients, this range helps to strengthen and repair your hair, leaving it healthy and resilient. Explore Defy Damage joico products and enjoy the benefits of stronger, more beautiful hair.


Replenish and hydrate your hair with Joico Hydrasplash. This collection provides essential moisture and nourishment to leave your hair feeling soft, smooth, and revitalized. Experience the ultimate joico hydration with Joico Hydrasplash and enjoy the benefits of healthy, radiant hair.


For those seeking volume and body, The Joico Joiful collection is the perfect choice. Achieve fuller, thicker-looking hair with Joico volume shampoo and conditioner. This collection adds bounce and vitality to your locks, leaving you with voluminous, gorgeous hair.


Revitalize and restore damaged hair with the exceptional range of Joico K-Pak products. The Joico K Pak collection encompasses a comprehensive selection of hair care solutions designed to repair and rejuvenate your tresses.

Start your hair care ritual with the Joico K Pak shampoo, a gentle yet effective cleanser that removes impurities and build-up, leaving your hair feeling refreshed and revitalized. Complement this with the Joico K Pak conditioner to provide an extra layer of moisture and nourishment. Together, the Joico K Pak Reconstructing Shampoo and Conditioner work in harmony to repair and restore damaged hair, promoting strength and resilience.

To elevate your hair's hydration game, incorporate the Joico K Pak Intense Hydrator into your routine. This intensive hydrating treatment replenishes moisture to dry and damaged strands, infusing them with much-needed hydration for a healthy and lustrous appearance. The Joico K-Pak Hydrator is a must-have for those seeking to replenish and revitalize their dry, damaged locks. Pair it with the Joico K Pak Reconstructor for optimal results, and witness the revival of your hair's vitality and shine. 

If you're in search of a clarifying shampoo, look no further than the Joico Clarifying Shampoo. This unique formula gently eliminates residue and impurities, preparing your hair for the ultimate rejuvenation and allowing the Joico KPak products to work their magic.

Unleash the transformative effects of K pak Joico and experience the rejuvenation and revitalization of your hair. With its reconstructing and hydrating products, Joico K-Pak offers the ultimate solution for damaged and distressed hair. Reclaim your hair's health, strength, and radiance with the power of Joico K-Pak. Elevate your hair care routine and let Joico be your go-to brand for achieving stunning, revitalized tresses.

K-Pak Color Therapy:

Experience the ultimate care for your color-treated hair with Joico K Pak Color Therapy. This collection is specifically formulated to protect and nourish color-treated hair, keeping it vibrant and healthy. Enjoy long-lasting, vibrant color with Joico K-Pak Color Therapy.

Moisture Recovery:

Restore moisture and vitality to dry, damaged hair with Joico Moisture Recovery. This collection includes the Joico Moisture Recovery shampoo, Joico Moisture recovery conditioner, and the joico moisture recovery treatment balm, which work together to hydrate and rejuvenate your hair. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to luscious, healthy-looking locks with Joico Moisture Recovery.

Style & Finish:

Complete your look with Joico's Style & Finish range. From the iconic Joico Spiker for a stronghold to Joico Curl Confidence for defined curls, these styling products help you achieve the perfect hairstyle. Protect your hair from heat damage with Joico heat protectant products, ensuring your hair stays healthy and styled to perfection.


Revive your hair's youthful appearance with Joico Youthlock. The stand out in this collection is the Joico Youthlock Blowout Crème, a lightweight styling cream that adds volume and shine to your hair. Experience the transformative power of Joico Youthlock and embrace the vitality of youthful-looking hair.


Joico offers a comprehensive range of hair products suited for all hair types. With positive Joico reviews and a reputation for excellence, Joico is a brand trusted by professionals and customers alike. You can find cheap Joico hair products right here, at Oz Hair and Beauty, your trusted source for authentic hair products in Australia. So Whether you want a Joio Shampoo, Joico Conditioner, or one of our Joico Gift packs,, you can buy Joico online today and achieve gorgeous, healthy hair.

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