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Color Intensity

 The Joico Color Intensity line empowers you to bring your hair color dreams to life with its wide spectrum of deeply pigmented, intermixable hues. It's designed for those who want to make a bold statement, offering the freedom to customize shades and techniques for truly unique results. Perfect for professionals and color enthusiasts alike, this collection pushes the boundaries of color creativity.


Unleash your creativity with Joico Color Intensity—a vibrant range of shades like Joico Color Intensity Blue, Joico Color Intensity Mermaid Blue, Joico Color Intensity Red, Joico Color Intensity Titanium, and Joico Color Intensity Light Purple. This collection, including the nourishing Joico Color Intensity Color Butter, offers bold, fade-resistant colors that transform your hair into a canvas of artistic expression. Whether you're aiming for a subtle touch or a complete transformation, Joico Color Intensity Colors provide the palette for personal expression.

    Frequently asked questions(6)

    Does Joico Color Intensity cover grey?

    It's designed for bold, vibrant colors and might not effectively cover grey hair like traditional grey-covering hair dyes.

    How long do you leave Joico Color Intensity in?

    Typically, it's recommended to leave it in for 20 minutes, but always refer to the product's specific instructions.

    How long does Joico Color Intensity last?

    It can last up to 20 washes, depending on the shade and hair condition.