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Your Guide to Ceramides

Hydration and protection are the names of the game when it comes to looking and feeling good in your skin. While you might already know the basics when it comes to moisturiser products, sometimes you need to go that extra step if your environment, age, or skin type calls for it. And sometimes that extra step is ceramides.


That's why we're here to share our guide to ceramides with you. Read on to learn a bit more about ceramides, what they can do and how you can add them to your daily skincare routine.


What are ceramides in skincare?

Ceramides are a cosmeceutical.


Whoa whoa wait. Ceramides are a what?

A cosmeceutical! That might sound scary, but cosmeceutical skincare is nothing to be afraid of. Basically, these legends sit in that sweet spot between cosmetic products and pharmaceutical creations. That means you can apply them to your skin knowing you'll get some powerful help developed by people who know what they are talking about.


You might have heard of some of ceramides' cosmeceutical cousins, like hyaluronic acid, AHAs, BHAs, and salicylic acid.


OK, that actually sounds pretty good. So what are ceramides then?

Ceramides are cosmeceuticals… and fatty acids. That might sound a bit strange, but trust us, ceramides (and many other fatty acids) are the good guys. Avocados, fish, and a lot of our favourite nuts all have fatty acids in them, and they are an important part of keeping your skin healthy.


Ceramides themselves play a major role in keeping your skin looking and feeling its best. For one, they help create a protective outer layer called your skin barrier. This not only keeps harmful impurities from getting under your skin and causing damage, but also helps retain that miraculous moisture that keeps your skin hydrated and gives it elasticity.


And why is locking in moisture, promoting elasticity, and keeping the nasties out so important? Because these are the keys to achieving many of our most wanted skin goals. Moisture is a huge part of getting that glowing skin everybody's always raving about, and it helps keep you from looking and feeling dull and dehydrated. Ceramides can also be vital in caring for maturing skin, as they can help ward off fine lines and wrinkles.


Sign me up! Where do I get these sweet, sweet ceramides?

So, the good news is your body naturally produces ceramides. Top work, you! But the bad news is that, as we age, our body's ability to create these precious fatty acids slows. That's one of the reasons that signs of ageing (like those pesky fine lines and wrinkles we just mentioned) show up. It also means skin barrier damage and the ensuing need for repair.


Luckily for you, there's plenty of great places to get your fill of ceramides for skin issues.


5 great ways to find ceramides in skincare

There's no shortage of awesome skincare products made with sensational ceramide action. Here are a few of our favourites.


 1. Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin Cream

When you've got dry skin, this stuff is just what the doctor ordered. This ceramides cream delivers a big high five when it comes to replenishing your resources, with five different ceramides (known as their 5-Cera Complex) that not only repair your skin barrier and protect against moisture loss, but also deliver their own little hit of moisturisation. It goes on easy but delivers a thick, cooling sensation that sticks with you long after application.


The good doctor is great for those with dry, itchy skin and redness, and is an especially good mate to keep around in the chillier months when wind and low temps really do a number on the skin. And it's a great source of ceramides for eczema sufferers and those with allergies, with its gentle, hypoallergenic formula. Just remember to save the best for last – put this on right at the end of your skincare routine for optimal results.


For more of Dr.Jart's 5-Cera Complex, check out Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin Serum, a serum full of ceramides that can also help boost your barrier.



2. asap Advanced Hydrating Moisturiser

With many of the hallmarks of the best sensitive skin moisturisers out there, this beauty from asap makes for a wonderful addition to the regimen of anybody who's sick of skincare concerns ruining their day. In addition to ceramides, you'll also get plenty of other awesome assistants including fellow cosmeceutical Vitamin C, green tea, noni fruit, and CoQ10.


This ceramides moisturiser can really help in building back your barrier by preventing impurities from getting in and wreaking havoc. It'll also pump the brakes on signs of ageing and can help mitigate some of the damage done by spending too much time in the sun (especially if you combine it with some SPF). And, despite all its heavy-hitting power, it's lightweight and absorbs quickly and smoothly.


Make it part of your morning and nighttime routine by applying it to clean, dry skin. 


3. Medik8 Advanced Night Restore Cream

Finding the right ceramides cream to get busy rebuilding your barrier while you sleep can be a game changer. And this ceramide face cream from Medik8 certainly fits the bill.


We could all use a bit of putting together when the clock strikes 12, and Medik8's Midnight Repair Complex™ can help restore your skin overnight with its hard-working antioxidants, peptides, and ceramides. That means you can wake up with softer-feeling skin after some prime plumping, hydrating, barrier-restoring power. As an added bonus, it's cruelty-free and vegan – making it a great option for all our clean beauty queens out there.


For best results, use it after applying your Vitamin A skincare products and avoid the eye area.


4. Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel

The foundation of any summer skincare routine is finding reliable ways to protect your skin from the sun. With the sun one of the main culprits of prematurely aging your skin (not to mention the other dangerous impacts it can have), it's important to make SPF an all-the-time thing.


But why not knock out two skincare birds with one skincare stone? This water-based sunscreen from Isntree not only protects your skin from the sun, but also moisturises it with the help of hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Its light, quick-absorbing texture means all the protection and hydration with none of the heavy, sticky feel. Just pop it on at the end of your daytime routine and go about your business.


5. Tonymoly Wonder Ceramide Mocchi Toner

With EWG Green graded ingredients, this is one toner that keeps it clean when it comes to caring for your skin.


If you've been craving that skin that's smooth, plump, and lacking lines, our mates at Tonymoly can help you get there. This ceramides toner is great for a range of users, including those with normal skin, dry skin, or combination skin. With all the benefits of the best ceramide skincare products – the hydration, the protection, the strengthening – this is a daily doer that will slot seamlessly into your routine. 



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