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The heat is on: Your guide to a hot summer skincare routine

Consider yourself a real sun's out, fun's out type operator? We're right there with you. Maybe your definition of fun in the sun is hitting the beach for a quick dip after work or a leisurely lay out on the weekend. Or perhaps you bask in the happier summer vibes by attending a few more rooftop happy hours or getting out and about in the city.


Summer is a great time to get amongst it, with sunny dispositions all around that match the bright ball in the sky. Ready to look your radiant best under the gorgeous, yet powerful, glow of the Aussie sun? Here are some tips for boosting your skincare routine in the summer from morning to night.


Here comes the sun (to sap your skin)

It's not all smiles and rainbows when it comes to the sun. As we all know, too much unprotected exposure can have serious, life-altering side effects. But the sun can wreak havoc on your skin on a lesser scale, too.


Too much hot air and sunlight can sap your skin of precious hydration that plays a huge role in how you look and feel each day. This leads to a dry, flaky outer layer, and ain't nobody got time for that with warm days and nights calling.  Too much sun can also do a number on your skin's elasticity, ruining the smooth look you love.

Summer skincare in the morning…

Applying the right supplements in the morning can provide the foundation for supreme skin day after day.


Cleansers, toners and mists

Preparing your skin for glory with the right cleanser can be even more important in the steamy summer months. After a night's sleep, these tools help ensure any sweat, dry skin or other debris that threatens your skin is wiped away. Afterwards, treat your skin to a nice toner or mist like Salt by Hendrix Glisten to make sure your skin is ready for what comes next.




Your cleansers and toners prepare your skin for action, but serums can boost that all-important hydration power in the face of hot, dry weather. Hydrating face serums like the cooling Avéne Thermal Spring Water helps keep your skin soothed during the heat of the day.


Eye cream

The skin around your eyes is particularly sensitive, leaving it even more vulnerable to the summer climate. No matter how fab your summer sunnies are, you need to make sure this delicate skin is taken care of by applying eye cream each morning.


Moisturisers with SPF

Having a dependable moisturiser is important throughout the year. But when the sun is at its most powerful in the summer, you need to be sure you're treating your skin to a moisturiser with SPF. You don't have to slap thick, pasty zinc all over your face like a cricket captain. A tube of Natio Rosewater Hydration Moisture Balance Day Cream SPF 50+ is a go-to that provides hydration and protection for all skin types. And Natio Ageless Moisturiser UV Protection SPF 30+ provides timeless skincare that helps ward off the effects of ageing.


...and at night.

Whether it's a school night or you're walking in just as the sun's coming up, it's important your summer skincare routine includes a quality night session as well. The good news is many of the same things you do in the morning you'll repeat at night.



Cleansers, toners and mists

Facial cleansers for dry skin, such as those featuring aloe vera, rosehip oil, shea butter and oatmeal, can be extra helpful for those who like to juice the air con overnight. This is also the part of your evening where you can treat yourself to a calming, cooling, cleansing hydrating mask.



Overnight hydrating face serums help hydrate your skin while you sleep. This can help combat any of the drying side effects of other treatments and supplements you're using. Natio Rosewater Hydration Antioxidant Serum features hyaluronate that really gets to work while you rest.


Eye cream

Your skin's repairing powers don't sleep, even when your eyes are shut. Similar to serums, overnight eye cream can help you deal with any effects that might come with anti-aging or anti-acne supplements that can dry your skin.



Since you're safe from the sun's rays at night, you won't need to concern yourself with an SPF face moisturiser. Night moisturisers can often pack even more hydrating goodness than your daytime cream, making them an extra valuable part of your P.M. routine. Natio Intensive Moisturising Night Cream is an excellent all-rounder for all skin types.

Oh, and one more thing...

Your lips can experience a significant loss of hydration in the summertime, as they don't have the same built-in hydrating properties as much of the rest of our skin. Make sure you've got a lip balm or lip butter that you like with you at all times – in your bag, in the car and at the office.


Here comes the sun – and you need a skincare routine that can stand up to it day after day so you can get the most out of your summer. Check out our great range of lip balms, moisturisers, serums and more at Oz Hair & Beauty today, and find the tools you need to get the most out of the warm weather. ☀️