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What causes oily hair and skin: Our top products to help!

If we are being honest, I think it’s fair to say that we all experience either oily hair, oily skin or both at the same time, some point in our lives. When it comes to having an oily complexion or greasy hair, it isn’t a cute look for anyone. Not to mention, oily skin and hair usually results in either make-up sliding off throughout the day or your hairstyles never quite looking on point.  

But there is good news. Knowledge is power, and with the right products and application, oily hair and skin is something that you will be able to get on top of in no time.  


Let's start with the basics, why is oil important? 


Oil isn’t always the bad guy. It is important to establish that oil is needed to have both healthy skin and hair. To sound scientific for a minute, every pore on your skin, including your scalp, has a sebaceous gland, which creates sebum aka “oil." Sebum works hard to keep your skin in tip-top condition, helping it stay hydrated and removing dead skin cells. For our locks, sebum is what gives our hair its natural shine, keeps our locks looking healthy, smooth, hydrated and prevents hair breakage. 


The issue is when sebaceous glands try to be over-achievers. For our skin, this would mean we are left with an oily complexion and skin that’s prone to imperfections like pimples and blackheadsFor our hair this will result in excessive oil, making the hair look greasy. It also means you might be prone to scalp conditions such as flakiness and irritation. 


Now let's move onto the causes of oily hair and skin: 


Oily Hair: 

Much to our dismay there's actually quite a long list of things that can cause your hair to look oily and greasy. It includes: 

  • How much product you put in your hair (and how good you are at getting it out). Too much product in hair can ultimately cause product build up, which results in your hair and scalp feeling oily and flaky.
  • Diet; including how much water you drink and if you are dehydrated 
  • How often you wash your hair (sometimes less is more) 
  • The wrong pillowcase  
  • Sometimes it just comes down to biology  


Oily Skin: 

Similarly, there are many reasons as to why your skin may be oily: 

  • Climate: Hot weather and humidity can lead to an oily complexion (sighs in Australian) 
  • Over-washing your skin  
  • Using the wrong cosmetics and ingredients  
  • As with hair, sometimes it just comes down to good ol’ genetics 


Oily Skin and Hair Heroes: 


Now that we have established the basics, is time to meet our skin and hair heroes that will help you get your sebum levels in check. Remember the key to dealing with oily skin and hair is to work with your skin or hair type, not against it.  




Avene Cleanance Gel Cleanser 

When it comes to cleansers, the main dilemma oily skin people face, is ending up with their skin feeling dried out due to harsh ingredients. But fear no more because the Avene Cleanance Gel Cleanser, has been designed with oily and sensitive skin types in mind. This superstar effectively cleanses the skin of dead skin cells and impurities, all without drying out the skin (hell to the yes!). 


Additionally, this cleanser uses the ingredient of Monolaurin to create a mattifying effect on the skin, by smoothing out the appearance of texture, leaving it to feel refreshed and rejuvenated, minus the excess oil.  


Pro tip: This formula can also be used as a shaving gel for people with oily skin (so you will be fighting with your partner on this one). 



Retreatment Botanics Face Polish Exfoliant 

Exfoliation is a crucial skincare step for any oily complexion. Exfoliating helps skin look young and fresh, but also prevent spots and pimples by removing dead skin cells. Our pick is the Retreatment Botanics Face Polish Exfoliant, a glowing skin remedy that is suitable for most skin types including oily. This brightening, triple action face exfoliant, is made with AHA rich Lilly Pilly and gentle fruit acids which help dissolve dull surface build up. Additionally, the kaolin clay draws out excess dirt, oil and impurities while eco-friendly Jojoba beads refine the skin, revealing a soft, smooth, luminous complexion.  


Pro tip: Use this exfoliant 1-2 times per week and you will notice that your make up applies onto your skin more smoothly and easily and looks more natural on the skin.  


Medik8 Press and Glow Toner 

An oily complexion can often or not be dry or dehydrated, especially if you've used drying skincare products in the past to treat your oil imbalance. For this reason, it is worth opting for a hydrating toner as they work best to attract and lock water into your skin, and treat an oily complexion. Medik8 Press and Glow Toner is a leave-on exfoliant, that is non-drying, non-stingy and non-sticky aka perfect for oily skin. The formula works to enhance absorption of the rest of your routine, while also smoothing and soothing the surface of your skin, boosting your glow as well as promoting the cell renewal process. 


Pro tip: Ditch the makeup wipes this toner is sure to help you get rid of all makeup as well as waterproof mascara.  


Medik8 Natural Clay Mask 

Clay masks can be a hit or miss when it comes to having an oily complexion. It is important to find a mask that doesn’t clog the skin, but leaves you feeling hydrated and plump. The Medik8 Natural Clay Mask Detox does just that! It decongests and refines oily skin. Made with Bentonite and Kaolin Clay, these are ingredients that are well suited for oily and acne-prone skin because of its absorbency, making them a great combo for soaking up excess oil. The mask also works to clear pores, as well as clear the complexion of impurities, with added Cranberry to enhances skin texture and radiance. For oily skin, this one is a winner!  


Pro tip: Use this clay mask weekly for a purifying and decongesting ritual. 

Avene Cleanance Moisturiser 

After a soothing, non-greasy, yet creamy moisturiser that doesn’t have your skin slipping away? Say hello to this superstar, the Avene Cleanance Moisturiser; a night cream enriched with a derivative of Vitamin A, which is better tolerated by sensitive skin types. The non-greasy texture provides hydration all night long while increasing cell turnover and improving the appearance of marks, blemishes, brightening skin tone and smoothing texture. It also is formulated to reduce excess sebum production, which means your oily skin will be put in its place.  


Pro tip: This product is designed only to be worn at night, as it works best when you're getting your beauty sleep. Who doesn’t want to wake up to clearer and more radiant skin? 




Alfaparf Style Stories Texturising Dry Shampoo 

Ahhh dry shampoo, the loyal bestie to many. A few sprays can make all that difference to giving you confidence before stepping outside to take on the day. Alfaparf Style Stories Texturising Dry Shampoo is a crowd favourite as it not only works to absorbs excess oiliness, but it provides texture and volume. This makes it perfect to use for creating voluminous hairstyles such as bouncy waves or cute messy buns and updos. It is also lightweight and has a fresh light fragrance to it.  

Pro tip: Shake before use. Spray on dry hair at a distance of about 25cm. 


Klorane Shampoo Mask Powder  

For an oily scalp, you gotta try the Klorane 2-in-1 Mask Shampoo Powder. This plant-based, deep oil-control treatment will leave your hair cleaner and glossier. To use the mask, mix a sachet of powder with a few drops of water, then massage this into your scalp and wait. Organic nettle and clay work together to remove excess oil, leaving your hair light, fresh, soft and super clean.  


Pro tip: For best results, use once a week in replacement of your shampoo for two months.   



Eleven Australia Deep Cleansing Shampoo 

Every now and then it’s important to hit the refresh button on our hair. Get that clean feeling with Eleven’s Deep Cleansing Shampoo. Made with orange oil to clarify your scalp and combat excess oils, the shampoo also removes leftover styling products. This detox, vegan-friendly shampoo is safe to use on all hair types and textures, as well as coloured and bleached hair. Your scalp and hair will feel healthy AF, without being stripped bare. 


Pro tip: Even if you feel as if your hair isn’t as oily, use this as a detoxing shampoo at least once a month to have refreshed hair. 


Goldwell Kerasilk Revitalize Nourishing Serum (Leave In)  

Looking for a product that will restore hair to its most youthful appearance? Goldwell’s Revitalize Nourishing Serum is for you. This product is designed to rebalance any unhappy scalp, as well as protect and restore hair and skin health. Made with keratin for structural support and Ectoin to help combat the key signs of scalp ageing, you can expect to see less flaky skin and excess oil, as the skin is supported to heal itself and function normally.  


Pro tip: This leave-in serum can also be used on dry or damp hair and can be used daily if needed. Plus, it is perfect for adding extra shine to locks. 


Moroccanoil Light Treatment 

I know what you are thinking, if my hair is oily why should I add more oil to it? Well, Moroccanoil Light Treatment is perfect for finishing off any look without leaving behind a greasy residue. With its alcohol-free formula, the treatment works to instantly absorb into both wet or dry hair. Rich in antioxidant Argan Oil and vitamin-rich Linseed (Flax) Seed Extract to nourish and strengthen hair, it helps Improves manageability and adds a radiant shine. Bonus points because it majorly speeds up blow-drying time as well as controls frizz and flyaways. 


Pro tip: When styling your hair with waves or curls, apply a little bit of this treatment to help the shape hold glossy and shiny.  



Shop these hero products today for oily hair and skin today at Oz Hair & Beauty