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Travel-Size Essentials You Need For Your Next Getaway

With the silly season gone, we’ll all be settling right back into our everyday routines… while also simultaneously planning a nice little holiday to squeeze in for the quieter part of the year.

As winter rolls in for us, the other side of the world is warming up for summer, which means another round of cocktails and sunshine is due. A nice little getaway to break-up the working year is always necessary, but not without some travel-sized essentials.

Mini sized products are always great for everyday on-the-go needs, but when travelling the quantity of downsized goods skyrockets. We’re talking mini toothpaste, mini hair brushes, mini moisturisers, mini deodorants and pretty much anything else mini we can get our hands on. With only so much space in our suitcase, we need to make room for all our holiday purchases somehow!

To help you pack for your next mini getaway, we’ve rounded up a few travel-sized essentials for you to add to your checklist.

Travel Size Shampoo & Conditioner

Let’s be frank, the shampoo and conditioner provided in hotel rooms are only good for one hair wash. But travel size bottles are absolutely perfect. They’re enough to get you through your holiday, without taking up too much space in your luggage as normal size bottles would. The Balmain Paris Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner are perfect for your next getaway. Enriched with organic argan oil, they’ll nourish, strengthen and revitalise your hair while protecting you from the UV rays you’ll be soaking up.

Mini Hair Straightener

Although you shouldn’t be worrying about anything on holiday, you still want your hair to look good in all the photos right? The Babyliss Pro Mini Straightener will become your vacay-bestie, especially if the humidity is high in your tropical destination. With heat up to 210°C and dual voltage for worldwide use, you will have a good hair day wherever you go.

Mini Dry Shampoo

We all know how important dry shampoo is for everyday use, which is why it’s just as essential for travelling. The 100ml Evo Water Killer Dry Shampoo is perfect for holidaying. Keep in your bag throughout the day for a quick refresh whenever you need. It’s also ideal for freshening up when there’s minimal time between the beach and dinner. As well as reviving your hair, dry shampoo also helps to prevent heat damage and add texture to your tresses.

Travel Size Hair Dryer

Yes, a travel size hair dryer. You read correctly. This cute mini essential is important for the times when the compulsory hotel hair dryer is nowhere to be seen. The Silver Bullet Baby Travel Hair Dryer, is a teeny tiny hair appliance with mighty mighty power. Compact, light and travel friendly, this little baby has 2 powerful speed and heat settings and dual voltage for worldwide use.

Mini Micellar Water

You may have read all about this ultimate french girl beauty secret in our earlier blog, but if not we’re talking about the Bioderma Sensibio H2O. This mini bottle of micellar water goodness is an essential for your next getaway. Enjoy superior makeup removal and gentle cleansing at home and away. Use it to remove dirt build up after a long day of exploring or to nourish, hydrate and refresh your skin throughout the day. The small 100ml bottle is great for travelling and to keep on hand in your bag as you explore.

For more mini travel-size goodies, shop our full collection of haircare and beauty products online today.

posted by

Anthony Nappa on January 10, 2019