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The ultimate guide to ghd hair straighteners

Three little letters that mean oh so much to oh so many. ghd has been responsible for millions of good hair days around the world (where do you think they got that sweet name from?). The brand behind some of the best hair appliances out there, ghd has been delivering superior styling for more than 20 years, with their tools used both in salons and homes around the globe.

With so many years under their belt, ghd has built up quite the styling artillery, particularly when it comes to hair straighteners. The million dollar question is - which straightener is the best for your hair type, styling needs and lifestyle? We're glad you asked. Read on to learn more about the epic range of ghd straighteners in Australia and find your perfect match. 

5 of the best ghd straighteners in Australia

ghd Platinum+

Especially great for: dry hair and damaged hair

What many consider the crown jewel of the entire exceptional ghd straightener lineup, the Platinum+ comes with, well, plenty of pluses. ghd changed the game when it dropped the Platinum+ model a few years ago, unleashing groundbreaking smart technology that brought a new dimension to styling. Believe us when we say the ghd platinum plus reviews are stellar – and warranted. 

This professional-grade styler has predictive technology that monitors the temperature of your straightener a whopping 250 times a second! But that's just the start of the futuristic tech. It also uses its Ultra-zone™ power to recognise your hair's thickness and how quickly you move the wand through your hair. It then adjusts accordingly to deliver the most sensational styling experience – one that can lead to healthier, stronger hair. What’s more, the wishbone hinge gives you the power to create just about any hairstyle you want, from pin-straight hair to beachy waves or curls. 

All this smart stuff makes it fantastic for those who have dry, damaged hair but don’t want to give up heat styling. More heat often equals more issues when it comes to damaged hair, but with its unique heat-monitoring technology, the ghd platinum+ can save your hair from unnecessary damage. 


ghd Straightener Mini Styler

Especially great for: short, quick stuff

Sometimes less is more. While the bigger styling power of other ghd straighteners certainly has its place in many home salons, those who rock shorter hair don't always have as much room to work with. That means larger tools might feel a bit unwieldy when you need to be more precise in your movements. Enter the ghd Straightener Mini Styler. Like those tiny cars that nab all the best parallel parking spots, this beauty lets you get into the small areas with ease. 

Its size and power make it excellent for those with shorter hair or a fringe, but it’s also a great option if you want to be able to create round, tight curls with your straightener (wait, you didn't know you could use your straightener to curl your hair?).The slim, rounded body and half-inch plates really let you get right in there like some sort of hair styling da Vinci, while the long 2.7m, 360° swivel cord provides the flexibility to flex your straightening muscles. And with an optimal 185℃ styling temperature, you won't have to worry about scorching your locks or compromising your style. 

The mini is also an awesome grab-and-go tool, as it heats up quickly for those quick touch-ups and can easily fit in your suitcase if you’re a regular traveller. 

ghd Max Hair Straightener

Especially great for: long, thick, curly hair

If it's good enough for hair queen Natalie Anne, it's sure as heck good enough for us. With the ghd Max wide plate styler, you can take your style to the max. 

Let's start with the main event: those glorious 1.65-inch styling plates. With more surface area than other ghd straighteners, you'll get some extra oomph when it comes to taming thick or long hair or creating wider, natural-looking waves. For those of you who have a lot of hair on your head, it could chop your time in front of the mirror in half – great for getting out the door on time with a look you love. Look, size does matter, but there's more than wonderful width to the Max. Its sleek, rounded design makes working through your bountiful mane a less snaggy experience, while dual-zone heat tech makes sure the heat is distributed evenly throughout your strands, so you’re not left with a half-styled ‘do.


ghd Unplugged Cordless Hair Straightener

Especially great for: on-the-go gorgeousness

Oh, have we been waiting for this one! You can now wow them wirelessly with ghd's first cordless hair straightener. The ghd Unplugged model is awesome for those who don't like to be tied down and are always on-the-go. Like some of its best-selling predecessors, it uses an optimal 185℃ styling temperature and dual-zone technology to distribute heat and automatic switch off, but it comes without the cord, making for an awesome travel buddy. The long-lasting lithium-ion battery requires only two hours for charging, so it's easy to make sure it's always ready and waiting for your next wield of the wand. Chuck it in your carry-on, leave it at the office or in your gym locker, or simply enjoy the freedom of styling where and when you want at home. It's all in your hands with the ghd Unplugged.


ghd Straightener Gold Professional

Especially great for: achieving those sought-after beach waves

If you're a styling queen who loves spending quality time with your hair and your straightener, it might be time to reach for the gold standard. This model has many of the same characteristics as the Max model, but without the larger plates, making it somewhat more versatile when it comes to achieving different looks like beachy waves or loose curls. The ghd Gold Professional is one smooth operator, with a rounded body and smooth plates that really bring the shine. It's one of the most comfortable straightening experiences you can have (and, trust us, we've had heaps).

Still not quite sure which ghd straightener is best for you? Take this quick ghd quiz for a bit more intel. Oh, and one more thing. No matter which ghd straightener you go with, don't forget to grab some thermal protection in the form of heat protectant that helps your hair stand up to repeated styling with your appliances. Check out Oz Hair & Beauty today to find all the ghd tools of the trade you need.