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Hair queen Natalie Anne shares her secrets about using the ghd Max Styler

It’s rude to stare. Unless you’re admiring the work of Natalie Anne, in which case it’s completely acceptable. Multi award winning Natalie brings the #hairspo saved on your Pinterest boards into real life through her unmatched creativity and magical skills. Amassing over half of a million Instagram followers, Natalie has established her mark as a digital influencer, educator and salon owner.



Just seconds of scrolling through Natalie’s beautifully curated feed over at @natalieannehair, you are flooded with perfect snaps; from bridal updos, sleek bobs, polished waves, to high ponies, textured locks and everything else in between. In a word, her content screams luxury. It has the ability to both inspire and bring confidence to aspiring hair dressers and the everyday individual, to step up their hair game.


It’s for these many reasons that we have turned to Natalie Anne to get her hot take (pun intended) on the new ghd Max Styler. Engineered to maintain healthy tension and efficient heat transfer, the ghd max wide plate straightener brings 80% more shine and up to 2x less frizz, whilst giving you insta-worthy hair.


1. It would be impossible to look through your insta page without drooling over the curl inspo. What are your top tips for recreating your favourite soft curl look using the ghd Max Styler?

Thank you so much! I’m a curly girl myself so I love learning more about different textures and how to manipulate them every day. Slow and steady wins the race when using any ghd tool, no need to clamp down hard and use loads of tension. The tool will do all the hard work and let it! Start turning the max into or away from your face where you want to see your curl start. For example, if you want a face frame curl, start your first turn at your lip or jaw line.


2. As you are the professional hair queen, can you tell us why is it so important to invest in a quality hair straightener?

Heating damage is the most common form of damage, it goes unnoticed for such a long time till one day you feel so dry and you notice your long locks getting shorter and shorter.. or worse, layers start appearing and you haven’t even seen the hairdresser. The ghd max and platinum plus have incredible technology that will ensure the heat is evenly distributed along the plates. The temperature is also controlled at the optimal styling temperature of 185 degrees.


3. For all of us wanting to release our inner beach babe the Summer, what are your tips for rocking effortless looking beach style waves?

Everyone wants effortless summer hair, and my go to look for the summer is super easy to achieve at home.

- Wash and towel dry your hair really well.

- Apply your favourite sea salt spray and comb in.

- Split your hair into 4 section with the ghd Tail Comb and braid each section.

- Sleep on it and before you take them out in the morning run the GHD over each braid.

- Apply ghd Final Fix Hairspray and take the braids out for the perfect beach glam.


4. One hair style for the rest of your days, it would be..?

Dead straight, flat ironed glass hair.. with zero flyaways.


5. Stuck on a desert island with your ghd max styler and only allowed one other hair tool/accessory to use with it - what are you taking and why?

My vegan wet and dry brush. It’s the perfect detangler when used wet, and promotes high shine used dry. It is also my go-to brush for finishing the perfect wave with the ghd Max Styler!


So now that your questions are answered, what are you waiting for? Shop the ghd Max Styler today at Oz Hair & Beauty. 

posted by

Lara Severino on February 02, 2021



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