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The 8 Must-Have Products On The Oz Team’s Christmas Wishlist

If you hate Christmas, don’t scroll past this point...  


Ok, now that the Grinch is gone, let’s chat about the most wonderful time of year. The elves are working overtime, Santa’s loading up his sleigh and Rudolph is ready to run. And although you might not be making the nice list this year, our Social and Content team want to chat to you about the products they can’t get enough of so you can spoil yourself, a beauty obsessed bestie or your favourite family member (don’t act like you don’t have one).  


Our personal opinion; working in the hair and beauty industry is a blessing and a curse. Yes, amongst all of us, we’ve pretty much tried and tested almost every product on ozhairandbeauty.com. And yes, more than half our pay goes back into the business. Have I hit my savings goal for the past year and a half? Absolutely not. Are my cheeks juicier than ever and is my hair thicker than Kim K’s behind? I’d like to think so. On that note, let’s get stuck into it.  


Drum roll please for our first staff pick.... it’s nothing other than the cult classic and best-seller; The Moroccanoil Original Treatment. The smell of this alone will take you to paradise, so if you’re after nourished ends which smell good enough to eat, look no further. Our Digital Marketing Coordinator, Annaliese, swears by Moroccanoil’s Original Treatment; “Not going to lie, I was skeptical that this was going to make me look like I could fry something on my head. But no! My hair was sleek, shiny, and nourished without the oiliness”.  As well as repairing damage and controlling frizz, the Original Treatment significantly speeds up blow-drying time. Honestly, what can’t this thing do?!  



Now, for a product that’ll work through those knots; the milk_shake Incredible Milk. Annaliese says “I love using this as a detangler after I wash my hair. Not only does it help with knots, but it makes my hair so shiny and soft once dry!” And here I thought manageable shiny hair only existed in my fantasies. This leave in spray mask has not 3, not 6, not even 10, but 12 benefits! I’d love to list all of them but I don't have all day so I'll leave you with my favs; frizz control, heat protection and volumising.  


Can we get a show of hands of the blondes who are constantly in search for the perfect toning treatment? Well, look no further because Tash, Head of Content & Social, has the answer. If you are yet to try the evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Colour Boosting Treatment, you are yet to be graced with the product sent from the blonde gods. Not only is this treatment ideal between salon appointments to fight brass, in just 3 short minutes, the Fabuloso treatment also reduces frizz and softens hair. But what does Tash love the most about it? She says “I hate blonde toning products that leave my hair purple, so it's so good to finally find one that is super hydrating and doesn't stain my hair”.  


Next up we have a styling hero from Aussie favourite, NAK Hair. This one’s for our babes who dream of a product that’ll turn the volume riiiiight up as well as add texture. NAK’s Done & Dusted is a weightless volumising powder with a super strong hold, making sure you look fab from day through to night. Em, our PR & Social Media Coordinator, swears by Done & Dusted; “If you have limp AF hair like me, and you really need that extra help for maximised volume, sprinkle some of this magic dust to your roots to add a little Cindy Crawford”. There you have it. Want that hair looking photoshoot fresh every damn time? Add this baby to your cart.  


Now, that we’ve revealed our haircare favs, it wouldn't be right to move on to skincare without touching on appliances. If you have thick, frizzy hair and feel like you're fighting against time every time you style your mane, you need the ghd Max Styler. I'm not even being dramatic when I say that this baby changed my life. With plates that are 70% wider than the standard ghd Original, you can definitely say the Max is slicker than your average. The wide plates allow for more hair to be smoothed with each stroke, cutting styling time in half. Before I had the Max, it used to take me about half an hour to straighten my hair and now, it takes me just over 15 minutes! Another thing I love about this appliance is that it leaves your hair frizz-free and looking so glossy, light literally bounces off it.  



You ever go out with the girls for “a few drinks”, and before you know it, you’re struggling to stand straight? Cos same. This ones for my rubber armed beauties who take it a little too far and wake up the next day with “hungover” written all over their face. The Cosmedix Micro Defense Microbiome Sheet Mask will pick that skin up, turning it from the Sahara Dessert to an exotic island surrounded by hydration. Tash says “This mask is perfect when you want to reinvigorate your skin after a night out with the girls. My skin is left glowing and feels so smooth, leaving no signs of margarita consumption!”. The Microbiome Sheet Mask works to plump and hydrate with the help of hyaluronic acid; perfect for skin that needs a big glass of water.  


Soothe irritations and hydrate with Avène’s Thermal Spring Water. This magic mist is the perfect handbag essential, especially in the warmer months. Think of it like carrying around a bottle of water for your skin. Every time that pretty little face of yours is feeling a little dry or over heated, give it a little spritz to help soothe and calm your skin. Here’s why this is one of Em’s fav beauty products; “This is an absolute game changer! It is an essential product in your skin prep for nourished and hydrated skin, and a handbag must-have for a quick refreshing spritz in the summer!”. Say no more, literally just added this to my next online order.  


So, I know I said we were keeping this to our social team but we do have a special guest. Kat, our BDM couldn’t help but to weigh in. She does get to try the products first, after all; I'll allow it. Murad’s Nutrient Charged Water Gel is Kat’s pick; “I have dry skin, and have never liked gel moisturisers, but this one is exceptionally unique. It’s all about hydration and retaining water in the skin which EVERYONE needs”. She goes on to say “I treat it more like a serum between an intensive serum and a thicker moisturiser. Is it necessary to wear 2 moisturisers, NO but does it feel good for my skin YES!”.   



There you have it, the beauty products you need on your wish list from five gals who’s jobs are pretty much to try before you buy. Shop these products and more perfect gifts at ozhairandbeauty.com