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Seeing the light: 7 of the best products for fighting dark circles

Dark circles can feel like they have a permanent fixture on your face at times, but there are products out there that can help you find light in the darkness. While we'll leave the meteorology to the weather experts, we are here with a report that might just brighten up your mood (and your eyes). 

Dark circles suck, yeah? They can make you look tired when you've got plenty of pep in your step, older when you're still young at heart, and down even when you’ve hit your 10,000 steps goal. 

Luckily, with some simple lifestyle changes and the right products on hand, your dark circles don't have to be forever. Read on to learn a bit more about why we get them, how to improve their appearance and which products can act as sunshine on your cloudiest dark circle days.

What causes dark circles under our eyes? 

Dark eye circles and puffiness are two of those pesky skincare concerns that many of us experience, sometimes at the same time. If you are prone to puffy eyes, you may also notice darkness around the eye area due to the same fluid imbalance that causes puffiness. You may also start seeing dark circles under your eyes as you age because your delicate skin is thinning, so your blood vessels start to become more visible. 

To break it down, here are just a few of the reasons we get dark under eye circles.

  • Lack of sleep or recurring sleeping issues
  • Ageing
  • Dehydration
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Too much sun exposure
  • Dermatitis
  • Allergies
  • Smoking and alcohol

If you are experiencing dermatitis, allergies or other health issues that may be darkening the appearance of your eye area, we recommend speaking to a trusted GP. When it comes to lifestyle changes that can help you win the fight against dark circles, you’re going to want to make sure you get plenty of sleep, up your hydration, slather on the sunscreen and avoid smoking and drinking. This being said, dark circles can be persistent little buggers, and sometimes we need a little extra help to keep things bright and light. Luckily, there are some epic products out there that can help you win the fight. 

7 of the best treatments for dark circles

When it comes to figuring out how to get rid of dark circles, you’re going to need the right products on hand. Here are seven of the best dark circle treatments and products to consider adding to your skincare setup. 

  • Medik8 Advanced Night Eye Cream
  • One hallmark of some of the best eye creams for dark circles is the inclusion of high-powered hyaluronic acid (also known as HA). One of a range of cosmeceuticals that can do wonders for your skin, there are plenty of fantastic hyaluronic acid benefits you can enjoy once you get amongst it. Its main powers revolve around plumping and hydrating your skin – two keys to fighting dark circles. With this beauty from Medik8, you can let HA do its thing while you get some sleep. That means big-time cosmeceutical assistance on one front, and sleep on the other for a solid one-two punch of dark circle prevention. Just gently apply it under the eye area after you've used your cleanser before bed. 

  • Murad Resurgence Renewing Eye Cream
  • Another key ingredient that can be found in many of the best eye creams for dark circles is retinol. The powers of retinol somewhat overlap with those of hyaluronic acid in that it helps plump up your skin, but retinol packs a bit more of a punch, getting deep into your skin to pump up the production of collagen and elastin – two key ingredients that can make skin look healthier keep the appearance of blood vessels to a minimum. This Murad hydrating cream can help you fight some of the impacts of ageing, including dark circles and puffiness as well as the creeping appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, by introducing retinol to your routine. A simple twice-daily application morning and night after you cleanse is all it takes to get involved. Just make sure you’re also using a high-quality facial sunscreen during the day, as retinol can sensitise the skin. 

  • asap Firming Eye Lift
  • This little miracle product will reaffirm your belief that you can have the healthy, bright eye area you want and deserve. asap Firming Eye Lift can help tackle any and all of the qualms you may have about your eye area. Dark circles, puffiness, saggy bagginess - this treatment's all-around assistance in these areas can lift your spirits in your darkest moments. It does so through a brand new combination of peptides that can tighten up your skin while also hydrating. It's even got some antioxidant action to help ward off nasties from the environment. Use it in the morning and at night for 24-hour eye-enhancing greatness.

  • L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler 
  • If it's coming from one of the biggest names in skincare and makeup, you have to think it's got some pretty good stuff going for it (and for your skin)! As you age, your skin can lose a little bit of volume and thin out, but don't have to go to extreme procedural measures to get the plumper skin you crave. This concentrated cream from L'Oréal Paris touts itself as an alternative to cosmetic filler. A high concentration of hyaluronic acid helps it get nice and deep into the skin to really work some magic. Just place a few drops in your eye area using the curved tip, then use the other side of the applicator to gently massage it into your skin, starting at the inner corner of the eye.

  • innisfree Orchid Eye Cream
  • Even if you don't have a full-fledged Korean skincare routine, you can introduce a bit of Korean skincare magic into your life with the help of this incredible innisfree product. A serum that draws inspiration from the orchids grown on Jeju island, this eye cream features Precious Orchid Elixir 2.0 that can help prevent ageing acceleration caused by stress and environmental pollution gang. Just delicately smooth this dark circle cream onto your eye area before you apply your moisturiser to the rest of your face and you're good to go.

  • Cosmedix Eye Genius Brilliant Eye Complex
  • While eye serums and creams that plump the skin are certainly a great way to fight darkness in the eye area, sometimes you need a little extra help. Not only does Cosmedix Eye Genius Brilliant Eye Complex contain a medley of hydrating and oxygen-attracting ingredients to plump and brighten the eye area, but it also contains light-reflecting Mica to lighten the appearance of dark circles on application. Apply this eye cream before you go to sleep and wake up looking refreshed, or apply it in the morning to really make the most of its light-reflecting abilities that work to improve the appearance of your dark circles during the day. 

  • Lonvitalite Collagen Crystal Eye Mask 6 Pack
  • Eye masks are a great way of improving the appearance of dark circles fast, and there is no better way to treat yourself than by popping a luxurious eye mask on and relaxing with a glass of wine. These gorgeous collagen masks from Lonvitalite are the best way to pamper yourself and fight your dark circles at the same time. Wearing them for just 20 minutes gives your skin plenty of time to absorb heaps of hydration – wonderful for illuminating the eye area and perfect pre-event preparation for when you want to be looking your best. 


    Let Oz Hair & Beauty help you find everything you need to develop a well-rounded routine for tackling dark circles. Pick up one (or all) of these must-have products today and get ready to fight the darkness.

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