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Why hyaluronic acid is the skin hero you need in your life

Hyaluronic acid is a buzz word often thrown about in the beauty world, but what exactly is it? Don’t be put off by the scary-sounding name, this skin saviour is about to become your BFF. 


This hard-working molecule can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water - meaning it’s the perfect solution for transforming even the driest of complexions. We told you it was pretty special. 




What exactly is hyaluronic acid? 


Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural sugar that our clever skin cells already produce in order to maintain moisture levels. Helping our skin retain water, its magic powers work to absorb moisture and keep it there. 


However, our natural levels of HA often drop due to the likes of ageing and environmental aggressors - (UV rays and pollution are not our friends when it comes to skincare). This means to top up levels, it’s important to introduce a HA product into your skin regime. 


Now the science bit is out the way, what are the benefits of HA? 


We’ve banged on about hyaluronic acid’s excellent moisture boosting abilities, but what does that exactly mean for your complexion?  Often described as a ‘moisture magnet’, HA will absorb every bit of moisture and keep it firmly locked in place. So, if your skin is parched, a few drops of this nifty number will hydrate skin and maintain a super smooth complexion all day long. 


Moisture is absolutely key to achieving skin that’s plump and dewy – and let's be honest, who doesn’t want their face looking like that? Hyaluronic acid is a simple solution to help you get that Insta-worthy skin. 


On top of its glow-inducing properties, HA is handy when it comes to fighting off those dreaded wrinkles. By retaining huge amounts of water and keeping skin supple, it helps to combat wrinkles that are forming and even diminish the appearance of those lines that already exist. 


If that’s not enough, recent research also suggests hyaluronic acid contains antioxidants. This can protect your complexion from those irritating environmental aggressors we mentioned earlier. 


Better still, hyaluronic acid is suitable for absolutely every skin type. While it’s particularly good for those with dry or mature skin, HA is a harmless but effective complexion addition that your skin is going to adore. 


Where do I get my HA fix? 


When it comes to finding the right hyaluronic acid for you, it can be a little overwhelming. There are heaps of options out there, it’s hard to know where to begin. 


One brand that we always trust in the skincare world, is Intraceuticals, an Aussie brand that started back in 2002 as a result of intensive research into the benefits oxygen provides to skin. Intraceuticals kick-started things with its ‘Oxygen Facial’, which was viewed as revolutionary as the treatment was relaxing while delivering incredible results. 


Since then, Intraceuticals has gone on to develop a full range of skincare products guaranteed to tackle your complexion concerns. As you’ve probably guessed, hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that features heavily in their products. 


In fact, Intraceuticals came up with a clever range known as the 3 Step Hyaluronic Layering System. This involves using three specific combinations of hyaluronic that work to deliver hydrating and reviving ingredients to the upper layers of the skin.  


But one of our favourite HA products from Intraceuticals is the Retouch Hyaluronic Base Serum. An easy option for hydrating the skin, this weightless serum is perfect for those who may be dipping their toe into the HA world for the first time. 



Don’t be fooled by its light consistency, this formula locks in hydration, boosts the skin’s barrier function and even increases collagen production. The results? Your skin is left plumped, youthful and super smooth.


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posted by

Kathryn Lewsey on September 20, 2020