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how to create the ultimate relaxing bath with bath soaks

How to make the most relaxing bath ever

Stressed? Sad? Anxious? You need a relaxing bath, pronto.

Sometimes we just need to run a hot bath, throw on a face mask and have ourselves a little self-care moment. Baths are amazing at melting away tension, stress and all our day-to-day woes. Whether you have them every week as a part of your self care routine or you’re dipping your toes into them for the first time in a while, boy-oh-boy have we got some tips for you.

Keep scrolling to learn how to create the perfect relaxing bath.


6 steps to create the perfect relaxing bath

1. Get yourself some candles (and maybe some wine)

Relaxing baths are all about the ~ ambiance ~ that makes you feel instantly relaxed and calm. Which means it’s time to whip out all those scented candles you get every year on your birthday. Put them around the bath, on your vanity - just everywhere!

Baths are actually a great time to do things you love doing, whether that’s catching up on some Netflix, reading a magazine or book, or just listening to some chill music. Make sure you’re being mindful of the water though, because electronics and water don’t really mix.

Next, choose your beverage. While a glass of wine is optional but highly recommended, you can also have tea, juice, hot chocolate and so on. Don’t forget to put something under your head too - we suggest rolling up a hand towel and placing it under your neck to make everything feel more luxurious.

2. Soak it up with bath soaks

This is our favourite part when it comes to creating the perfect relaxing bath!

It’s hard to choose the best bath soak when there are so many seriously amazing ones from Pure Fuji and Salt by Hendrix, but we’ve rounded up a few of our absolute faves.

Salt by Hendrix Soak Infusion: Lavender & Hibiscus

Relax your nervous system, relieve aches and pains, and extract toxins with this magical bath soak. Mixing the mineral powers of Epsom salts and dead sea salts with the healing properties of lavender and dried hibiscus, your skin is left feeling silky smooth.

Salt by Hendrix Soak Infusion: Globosa & Green Tea

Infused with Himalayan salts, dead sea salts and green tea, this soak is amazing for tired muscles. The high level of magnesium in the salts works to release tension in the muscles, while the minerals in the salts provide therapeutic benefits that help soothe the skin and the soul.

Salt by Hendrix Cocosoak: Rose

Soak up the nourishing powers of coconut and rose with this bath soak. Simply add 1-2 tablespoons to a warm bath, sit back and relax.

Pure Fiji Coconut Milk & Manjo Bath Soak

Okay, so who doesn’t want to come out of their relaxing bath smelling like coconuts and mango? This bath soak has a delightful blend of coconut milk and exotic nut oils to nourish and hydrate dry skin.

3. Scrub away all your worries

After you’ve given yourself a good soak (around 20 minutes), pull out your favourite exfoliator. You’ll not only come out of your bath super relaxed, but your skin will be glowing too. We recommend these ones:

Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar Rub

Made from fresh sugar cane crystals, this body scrub will gently buff away ageing skin cells, polish your skin clean and unclog pores. With cold-pressed coconut oil and exotic nut extracts, it’ll also deeply moisturise your skin and leave you glowing.

Salt by Hendrix Body Polish: Pink Grapefruit & Vanilla

Infused with coconut oil and jojoba, this body scrub will remove dead skin cells while leaving your skin incredibly soft. It also has grapefruit and vanilla, which will make your skin feel invigorated and youthful. Did we mention that it smells ah-mazing?



4. Put on a face & hair mask

Relaxing baths and masks go hand-in-hand. If you’ve had a particularly stressful week, a face mask is exactly what the doctor ordered. Try the Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask to get rid of pimples or the Salt by Hendrix Crystal Waters Face Mask to give your skin a major hydration boost.

For a triple threat, throw in a hair mask. We love the Georgiemane 10 Minute Hair Mask. It’ll leave your hair silky smooth, hydrated and so much healthier.

5. Step into a fluffy bathrobe

There’s nothing better than stepping out of a hot bath and into a fluffy towel or dressing gown - it’s like a warm, fuzzy hug. You can find these everywhere, and trust us, they'll change your life.

6. Slather yourself in moisturiser

Now that you’re all squeaky clean and refreshed, it’s time to moisturise. When it comes to body moisturisers, we’re big fans of body butters and body oils. Since body butters are a little thicker, they’re perfect for those colder months when your skin tends to get dry. But, body oils are amazing for either summer or winter.

Here are a few we recommend.

Pure Fiji Body Butter Coconut Milk & Honey Infusion

This body butter is going to keep your skin buttery soft and hydrated for up to 24 hours. With a unique blend of cold-pressed coconut, dilo, macadamia and sikeci oils, this moisturiser will lock in moisture and calm stressed skin. It also smells like coconut and honey, which we can’t get enough of.

Salt by Hendrix Bath to Body Oil

This multi-purpose oil is perfect for using after a relaxing bath. It’s super lightweight, fast-drying and has hints of mandarin and camellia. It also has sunflower, argan and jojoba oil to seriously moisturise your skin.

Psst, it also doubles as a bath oil too!



Bye stress, it wasn’t nice knowing ya. Now you know how to create the most relaxing bath, it’s time to start running the water and stock up on some magical bath products. You can shop everything you need at Oz Hair & Beauty today, and don’t forget we have Afterpay and Zippay too!

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