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Redken's Acidic Bonding Concentrate: All-in-one solution for damaged hair

You know the horror of brushing your locks and thousands of bits of hair snap all over the floor? Or when you are stuck waiting in traffic and look down, and find yourself picking at your split ends. Well, same.


Hair damage is so common, especially when it comes to coloured and bleached hair, or even from excessive blowdrying and heat styling. Not to mention environmental and lifestyle factors such as sun exposure, wind, diet, exercise, the list goes on. So it is no wonder at times that hair breakage seems unescapable.


So how do we improve our hair health? 

There's two options. The first which isn't a personal favourite of mine, is to get regular haircuts to ensure ours ends are in perfect condition at all times. The second? Invest in quality at-home hair maintenance products to increase the resilience of your hair. This is where Redken's newest Acidic Bonding Concentrate range comes in: a haircare regimen designed to repair damaged hair and provide immediate results for a total hair transformation.


The range is the must-have system for moisturising and repairing all types of damaged hair. This all-in-one regime provides ultimate repair, intense conditioning, and colour fade. And to learn more about the range, we've chatted with Trichologist Simone Lee, Education Director at the Australian Institute of Trichology about treating damaged hair.


Why do we need to care about our pH level?

Simone explains to us that "the ideal pH of scalp skin is 5.5 (acidic), and generally healthy hair sits between a pH of a 4.5 – 5.5."  So when the pH of hair goes above this "a. hair cuticles soften, expand and b. hair has a greater possibility of damage." This is a very common experience for people who have lightened and coloured their hair.


So this is why the Acidic Bonding Concentrate is so incred, because it's formulated with the ideal acidic pH level needed for you to balance and maintain a healthy scalp. It is also tested to defend against the negative effects of hair colouring, styling tools, and even water. This means the range will ensure your hairs pH levels are at its ideal level. 


With the importance of acidic products for damaged hair in mind, Simone explained to us that "there are some amazing new research studies that indicate PH focused hair treatments may have restorative potential for highly sensitised damaged hair." She went on to say "this is very exciting because certain types of hair bonds such as di-sulphide bonds once compromised can result in irreparable hair damage." So pretty much pH focused hair = hair that looks and feels healthy! Now let's discuss the range.  



The Acidic Bonding Concentrate range

  • Shampoo: The first star in the range is the Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Sulfate-Free Shampoo. This ultra-rich and luxurious sulfate-free shampoo provides ultimate strength repair, intense conditioning and colour fade protection.
  • Conditioner: Next up is the Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Sulfate-Free Conditioner which works wonders for all damaged hair types, and compliments the shampoo perfectly.  
  • Leave-In Treatment: To finish up, the Acidic Bonding Leave-In Conditioner is Redken's most concentrated all-in-one formula for strength repair for all types of damaged hair. This conditioning leave-in treatment provides ultimate strength repair, smooths and tames frizz, provides heat protection up to 450 degrees and adds shine.



All in all, the Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate range will answer all your hair prayers. It reinforces weakened bonds within your hair to improve hair strength whilst helping manage your frizz and split ends. The result? Healthy hair, confident smiles and instagram photos for days.


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