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Stay inspired this Mother's Day: Pureology x DG Designs

Does your mum rely on you to share what’s new and happening in beauty? Because same. And I mean after all that she’s done for me growing up, I figured I can help keep her in the loop. So with Mother's Day coming up, naturally I want to gift my mum something that is not only beauty related, but something with a bigger meaning. And this is where Pureology's Beauty with Meaning campaign comes in. A campaign all about female empowerment, diversity and striving to be better as a collective. This initiative saw Pureology incorporating premium, sustainable packaging, vegan friendly formulas and an updated brand purpose featuring an incred line-up of ambassadors representing female power.



Essentially, it was this vision that has inspired Pureology's exciting Mother's Day collaboration between Australian artist, Dominique Gauci, boss lady at DG Designs. So if you aren't familiar with Dom she is all about creating designs that inspire people to be their very best selves. She stands for empowerment and has built an incredibly successful small business out of her passion. Just scrolling down the DG Designs insta feed you can't not feel inspired from all the bright colours, inspirational messages and snippets of joy that Dom captures so perfectly.




So it was only fitting that the forces of DG Designs and Pureology have come together to curate and design Mother's Day gift sets that represent the power, passion and force of women. The gift sets are available in the following ranges: Hydrate, Nanoworks, Strength Cure and Blonde. So you are able to make it as personalised to your mumma’s hair type as you like and give her that salon-at-home experience - all with meaning.



To learn more about Pureology's gift sets and the incredible artist behind the design, we chatted with Dom to hear her take on this special day and what beauty means to her.  


1. Why is beauty with meaning important to you? 
Beauty for me is more than just how you look on the outside. It’s a mindset. It’s confidence. If you want to go glam, or natural – do whatever empowers you to feel the best you possible.

2. How does Pureology resonate with you? 
Pureology was a natural fit for me based on the no nasty/ sustainability ethos of the brand. Mum and I are HUGE dog lovers (as you will see from all the pet portraits I’ve been commissioned to do over the years) and it’s important that the products I use reflect my personal values as well.

3. How does your mother inspire you?
My mum was a single parent who worked extremely hard to make sure I was given the best opportunities possible. She fuelled my independence, and determination to live the best life possible and achieve anything I set my mind to. Mum always told me without hesitation that I was capable of doing whatever I wanted in my life – and it’s truly become a mindset and belief for me.

4. Tell us how you use your work to make change? 
My prints are not only a way to jazz up your space, but they are also a reflection of you. By putting your hero on your wall, you have a daily visible reminder of who you admire and who you aspire to be. It’s all about the hustle and inspiration.

5. What is your favourite product from the Pureology range and why? 
Hands down the Nanoworks Gold. My hair channels Hagrid at the best of times – Once I start using this duo, I no longer needed to go get keratin treatments anymore. I’ve never gone back after using these – I even take them travelling with me!


6. Through using your platform as a creator and artist, what is your proudest achievement? 
I went to an all-girls catholic school where business wasn’t offered as a subject. I didn’t even know it was possible to start your own company! Now I have women contacting me for advice on how they can start their own business. When I look back at everything I’ve achieved so far, I’m still in shock of how far I’ve come and if that inspires other people then that’s a double win.


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posted by

Lara Severino on April 20, 2021