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Mum and I upgraded our blonde routines with Oribe

When asked to try out the gorgeous Oribe range I knew two things immediately. Firstly my hair is going to love me, and secondly, so is my mum. As we are both artificial blondes (sadly didn't get the gene), we often share haircare products and are constantly on the look out for the latest and greatest. So naturally Oribe’s pro-level reputation in the haircare industry, made us both super excited to use Oribe's products to achieve ultimate hair goals. 


When looking for blonde haircare products, we both have thick, naturally dry, coarse hair, so it is important that products we use nourish and hydrate our locks, otherwise *cue snapping*. The main difference with our hair however is that mum is grey and well, I'm not (yet). So, she often needs shampoo and conditioner that really brightens her hair, otherwise if she is due in for a colour, her greys can become much more visible.   


Now onto the review...


Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo 

The Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo is said to immediately illuminate blonde and silver hair, and with lockdown coming into full swing we are both in need of a trip to the salon. This shampoo was a saving grace.


Lara - "My hair has been getting quite brassy and in need of some serious attention. This shampoo helped tone my colour dramatically. It corrected the yellow tones while brightening natural highlights of my hair, overall making it appear healthier, shinier, and lit from within."


Mum - "I loved how this brightened my colour so much so that given lockdown you couldn't quite see my greys as much as you normally would. Whilst I still need a root touch up, I am impressed with how much this helped add shine and brightness to my hair. Also bonus point for no purple mess or purple stains underneath your fingernails."


Oribe Beautiful Colour Conditioner

Next up, the Oribe Beautiful Colour Conditioner, which is a rich, restorative conditioner that extends the life of your colour while soothing over-processed, coloured hair (*raises hands for both those things*).

Lara - "This had a really nice fresh smell, and complimented the shampoo perfectly. I applied for about 1 minute, and massaged into my roots. I previously had hairspray in my hair which made it very tacky, so this absolutely helped bring back softness and strip away all the product. I also loved how easy my hair was to brush after this."


Mum - "This worked great with the shampoo. I found it helped boost my colour shade even more. I also liked the consistency; not too thick or thin." 


Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque

Who doesn't love a mask?! The Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque is truly a modern hair remedy that penetrates to rebuild each hair fibre with curative white tea, baobob and jasmine extracts. Plus the bio-restorative complex, helps improve elasticity and helps hair rediscover softness.


Lara - "My hair always needs some extra loving so I was really excited about using this mask. After having it in for only a few minutes, my hair felt so silky and supple. But the main thing for me was I felt like my hair was getting much needed hydration and nourishment. Especially since I use heat styling appliances a few times a week."


Mum - "This treatment really helped go that extra mile. The softest hair mask I have ever used, and my ends felt like velvet which is always a great sign. Not to mention smells fantastic."


Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray

For the ultimate blowout, the Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray comes into play.  This ultra-lightweight mist smooths even the worst-behaved mop while speeding dry time. It also repairs spilt ends, nourishes, softens and strengthens the hair, giving it healthy body and shine.

Lara - "My hair for once didn't look like Hagrid after a blow dry (big deal for me). This is easily the most extra af blow drying spray I have ever used. And whilst it is on the more exxy side of things, I genuinely think the price is worth it if you typically have dry or damaged hair. The formula works wonders in heat protection and softens the hair to ensure you have a smooth and shiny blow dry. I was so impressed."

Mum - "I used this instead of my normal hair oil, and honestly my hair felt even smoother and shinier. I think if you use this styling spray you can get away with not using an oil or leave in, as it is so nourishing. It also added great shine and I noticed a reduction in drying time (big plus)." 


If you are looking for a sign to upgrade your blonde routine products, this is it. We were both so happy with the products and most defs are going to be investing in these. Mum can't get over how hidden her greys are, and I am cheering over my lack of brassiness. 

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