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ModelCo Cosmetics launches affordable makeup range: MCo Beauty

What if we said you could get makeup that actually works, all for under $30? Well, now you can thanks to ModelCo Cosmetics’ new diffusion line, MCo Beauty.

We’ve long been fans of the affordable makeup range that ModelCo Cosmetics have on offer - especially their ultimate Lash Xtend mascara - but now they’re bringing us revamped favourites as well as fun new products that will easily slip into our beauty routines.

Brainchild of former model agent Shelley Sullivan, ModelCo Cosmetics has been around for over 17 years now and remains committed to creating believable, achievable beauty. What started with their cult Tan Airbrush in a Can has turned into a full beauty, skincare and tanning line. MCo Beauty is a natural progression for the brand, and the original goal of believable, achievable remains the same along with creating beauty products that women really want in their beauty bags. And in line with the ModelCo Cosmetics ethos, MCo Beauty is also a proudly cruelty-free cosmetic line - so from the supplier, producer, manufacturer right through to its arrival on shelves, there are no furry friends being harmed.

From game-changing brow innovation to the buzziest beauty trend of the moment, MCo is ready to deliver it to you. They’ve even gotten Love Island’s Tayla Damir on board as an ambassador.

Their launch range is already full of awesome beauty products so we thought we’d break it down into the must-haves. Although with all the prices sitting at under $30, you can afford to stock up on more than a few items.



Brighten & Correct Banana Powder

If you aren’t a beauty addict, banana powder might seem like a strange concept - especially when you’re told that it’s used for ‘baking’ your face. BUT it’s actually a multi-use product that is perfect for all skin types. The faint yellow hue of the powder gives it the name but trust us, it won’t make you look yellow at all. MCo Beauty’s version is designed to neutralise your dark circles and colour correct any redness you might have as well.

How to use:


  1. To hide dark circles: use a beauty blender to gently apply a small amount under the eye where dark circles are
  2. To set makeup: Use a large powder brush or fan brush and buff all over your face after applying makeup for a radiant finish. This will be a godsend for the ladies who have oilier skin and any redness
  3. To highlight your cheekbones - Use a fan brush to dust along your cheek bones and down the centre of your nose. We like doing this over a layer of the Highlight & Glow Stick for the ultimate pop!
  4. To prime your eyeshadow: apply a dusting of the banana powder to your eyelids then apply eyeshadow as normal. This helps with oil control and brightening of the eyes,
  5. To ‘bake’: After applying foundation, apply one of your creamier concealers to your t-zone, under your eyes and along your jaw (or any area of your face that you want to brighten) then apply the Banana Powder over the concealed areas. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes then dust off using a powder or fan brush.

ModelCo Cosmetics MCo Beauty Banana Powder

Tattoo Brow Microblading Ink Pen

We’re obsessed with brows. Who isn’t though? We’ve said it before but brows are honestly the key to the perfect makeup look and you shouldn’t neglect them. Enter the MCo Beauty Tattoo Brow Microblading Ink Pen. Designed to create bolder, natural looking brows , this quick-drying ink pen will give the illusion of brows where there was little to no hair before. The micro tip applicator is the key to why this little pen works so well as it’s designed to mimic the application of microblading and allowing you to get hair-like strokes. Plus, it’s a thousand times less scary than microblading.

Even for those who are blessed with naturally thick brows, it’s a great enhancer to ensure that it’s just a bit more defined and that the hairs are staying in the right direction.

How to use:

Apply the tip to the fullest part of the brow and fill in through to the tail using short strokes.



Highlight & Glow Stick

Who doesn’t love a good glow? That perfect dewy base teamed with a ‘lit from within’ glow is the ultimate beauty look of the moment. This is where the Highlight & Glow Stick comes in. This strobing stick is all about giving you that natural radiance with its super fine micro pearl particles. We’re absolutely loving cream formulas at the moment and this twist up stick is perfect to just throw into your bag. We’d use the Champagne shade for that extra pop but if you’re a bit more tan or looking for something that double as a cheek colour, go for the Nectar shade.

How to use:

Sweep the stick along the high point of your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, and cupid’s bow. Then use your fingertips to blend into your skin. You can then combine with a contour stick to define your hairline, jawline, cheek hollows and sides of your nose. Voila - ultimate highlight and contour stick combo! 

ModelCo Cosmetics MCo Beauty Highlight and Glow Stick

Cover & Treat Hydrating Concealer

The problem with most concealers is that they can cause flakiness and settle into fine lines, especially if you’re using it under the eye. Not with MCo Beauty’s latest offering though. The formula has coconut oil to keep your skin quenched as well as tea tree oil to tackle any blemished or clogged pores. It also provides a lightweight coverage but is still effective in brightening the area and most importantly, achieving a natural finish.

How to use:

Sweep the stick under the eye then use your fingertips to blend into the area. Repeat on problem areas on the skin.



While we could talk about the range all day, it’s just best to give the products a go yourself. Like we said, the whole range is under $30 so you really can’t go wrong. Start with some of the products you’ve run out of in your everyday routine and add to it with some of the products you want to try.

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posted by

Tammy Tu on April 11, 2019