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How to master beach waves with the Cloud Nine Magic Potion

I blame my Insta feed, H20: Just Add Water circa 2006 and Blake Lively for getting me to believe that beach waves are “effortless.” When in reality, find me walking off the shore with my hair looking like clumps of mess - knotty, coarse and kind of resembling a swamp princess (love that for me).


What I’m trying to say is, I have not been blessed with locks that look on fleek with bare minimal effort. But there’s good news: Cloud Nine’s Magical Quick Dry Potion.


Enriched with super-conditioning ingredients, this haircare hero is proof that you don’t need to have a specific hair type to rock gorgeous beach waves. Instead, all you need is the right equipment. Using the Quick Dry into your routine sets the scene for hair magic to unravel, as the potion works to smooth, nourish and defrizz, making it the perfect addition needed to bring the most out of your styling. 



So what exactly are the benefits?

The Magical Quick Dry Potion will make your life so much easier. Not only will it leave your mane with an insta-worthy shine and heavenly scent, but it is a must-have for those in a hurry (and I mean, who isn't). This miracle product dries hair up to 50% faster - which according to scientists means an extra 50% of time in bed binging Keeping Up With The Kardashians *crying happy tears.* Other fab benefits include: 


Combats heat damage

Shake the Magical Quick Dry Potion until it’s completely blue (and no, as good as it looks, it definitely does not taste like a cocktail). Shaking it activates the lightweight conditioners that work to protect hair from heat damage (both hot tools and UV rays). This is a big plus for when you are styling your hair to create beach waves, to help guarantee your hair looks on fleek for those selfies.


Boosts shine and smoothness

Your hair will shine brighter than a diamond (step back RiRi) with the leave-in conditioner that works to strengthen the hair from any previous heat or styling damage. And speaking from experience, as soon as I massaged the potion into my hair, I could instantly feel my hair absorbing the moisture and drying much more glossy!


Step up your style game

The nourishing ingredients in the Magical Potion means that when you style your hair using hot tools, the results are even better. So it's simple. Adding the Quick Dry into your hair routine = a good base for any hairstyle - including beach style waves, as it leaves your strands looking fresh af. 



How to use the Potion to unlock your beach babe mood

1. Wash your hair: Treat your locks as you would usually. Make sure you are using products that are suited for your hair type and texture. If you are unsure, Oz Hair & Beauty’s Product Finder can save you the time and effort of relentlessly scrolling through pages of products, as it sorts out the best product recommendations for you.

2. Magic time: Shake up the Magical Quick Dry Potion (feel free to do this in rhythm to whatever song is blasting from your Spotify). 

3. Gloss it up: Spray the potion all over your wet hair, making sure it is completely coated. To evenly distributed use a comb or run your fingers through.

4. Get Netflix up & ready: Time to blow-dry your locks, and in half your normal drying time (woohoo!). 

5. Style: Once dry, lightly run Cloud Nine's award-winning Original Iron through your hair to achieve an even smoother hair base. Doing this will make curling your hair much more easier. 

6. Unlock beach mode: Time to bring out your natural, beach babe waves. Section your hair into different parts, and using the Texture Wand, gradually work your way adding soft curls throughout your hair. Pro tip: Always wrap the hair around the wand the exact same number of times for each strand. 

7. #Gram session: Brush out the waves using either your fingers or a brush and commence the selfie taking.


    So to recap, think of the Magical Quick Dry Potion as the foundation in bringing together any hair styling routine - especially when doing beach waves.


    Or in other words, the Kris Jenner slash momager of the Cloud Nine family, being the glue needed to bring all the other products together, to meet their ultimate potential. 


    Shop the Cloud Nine Magical Quick Dry Potion today at Oz Hair and Beauty.

    posted by

    Lara Severino on February 25, 2021



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