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The five biggest hair trends of 2018 to take to your hairdressers

Another year, another host of hair trends to try and get your head around.

Already coming in thick and fast, we’ve done the hard work for you and picked the most wearable and stylish looks you’ll actually want to take to your hairdressers.

1. Lived-in blonde

This year will see us move away from the unnatural peroxide blonde for something far more low-maintenance. Translation? Less time in the hairdresser’s chair and more dollars in your bank account. It’s a win-win.

Originally pioneered by LA-based hairstylist Johnny Ramirez, the idea here is to get a more natural-looking or even “dirty” blonde with your hair colour so your roots don’t betray you. The older, cooler, more laidback sister of the balayage trend that’s dominated the last few years, lived-in blonde should last you up to six months before a retouching is required. Gamechanger.

Use at home: Nak Platinum Blonde No-Yellow Shampoo.

2. Keeping it natural

Curly haired gals, good news - this year it’s all about working with what you’ve got. Rather than spending hours manipulating your hair into a style that doesn’t come naturally (and gets ruined two minutes into being outside) 2018 is all about embracing your hair as it is.

That doesn’t mean rolling out of bed and heading straight out the door though. Forget the straightening treatments or the weekly blowdry, this is more subtle styling to get your hair looking like your hair, but better. Keep your curls full of volume and texture, but neaten with a few quick curls from a tong and finish off with the right styling products to get rid of flyaways. You can also use the best hair mask to tame your hair too!

Use at home: Babyliss Pro 32-19mm Ceramic Conical Curling Tong

3. Curtain fringe

Pinterest searches for ‘curtain fringe’ have risen 600 per cent in the last year. We’re obsessed.

Inspired by Bridget Bardot and championed by celebs like Alexa Chung and Sienna Miller, a curtain fringe - like its namesake - parts in the middle. Don’t let that put you off though. It suits almost any face shape (although if you’ve got super curly hair be warned - this isn’t going to be a wake up and go situation!).

Avoid the temptation to DIY - which FYI is never a good idea when it comes to fringes - as working with your hairdresser to assess the best way to cut with your existing haircut will keep at-home styling to a minimum.

Use at home: Joico Hair Shake Liquid-To-Powder Finishing Texturizer

4. Textured pixie cut

Anyone else getting majorly tempted to get the chop after seeing Kate Hudson recently? The award-winning actress shaved her head for a movie role last year, but it’s her current textured pixie cut we can’t get enough of.

Forget the growing-out inbetween-phase, this is a haircut you’d want from the start. Given dimension thanks to the subtle ombre, it’s edgy but wearable and will be one of the hottest short styles of 2018.

Use at home: Moroccanoil Styling Gel Strong

5. Mermaid hair

Would it really be a 2018 hair trends roundup without some mention of the Kardashians? Of course not.

Last year, Kim Kardashian couldn’t get enough of the Cher-inspired super long poker straight hair. Now she’s switched it up for almost-wet look soft mermaid hair and it’s catching on fast. The current mermaid hair is a lot softer and more undone than the very styled waves of the past - think just come out of the water from a day at the beach, but you’ve also had a hair stylist on hand to ensure it’s not knotted and matted. You know, as you do.

The perfect pairing with the more natural makeup look, this is one, erm, hair movement we can get behind.

Use at home: KMS California Hair Play Sea Salt Spray


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posted by

Brittany Stewart on August 16, 2018