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Nourish your curls with Kemon Curly Cream

Growing up I’ve always had the most beautiful curls. I embraced them through school and always rocked bouncy, gorgeous locks. But when I hit college, Jersey Shore came out and I was quick to bleach, straighten, backcomb and hairspray my hair to the point where it didn’t move for YEARS. (We can blame Snooki). That was until when a few years ago I moved from London to Australia. This change in lifestyle caused drastic damage to my hair due to the changes in water, stress and environment. Ultimately my hair began to break off. So I felt like I had no choice but to leave my hair to breath naturally. No more heat, no more colouring, or bleaching, just leave it TF alone to regrow and reset. Which is what I have been doing... 

So it's safe to say I have had a love hate relationship with my curls. But now in my late twenties I have rediscovered my love for curls again. And have started to rock my hair naturally once again. In doing so I have tried countless of products in attempts to hydrate, strengthen and repair the life of my curls. As you can imagine this process has been difficult, but I have now noticed my curls are emerging back to blissful life! 

Kemon Disciplina Curly Cream

This is where the Kemon Disciplina Curly Cream comes into play. This bad boy is a leave in treatment that shapes and defines your curls either by diffusing them, or leaving them to dry naturally. It is incredible for taming frizz, and in my experience is a product that actually works! If you want to blow wave your hair, it makes it much easier to control the frizz leaving you with silky smooth hair, whereas if you just want to leave your curls to dry naturally, the curls feel so soft and supple. It’s a hair win.
The packaging is beautiful, it looks great on my shelf and it smells DIVINE. It reminds me of the sweet smell of a European summer (minus the beautiful Italian waiter sadly). IYKYK. Plus the beautiful soft and light fragrance stays with you all day after washing it.

How to use 

I start by gently shampooing my hair with the Disciplina Shampoo in circular motions starting from the hairline, making sure I’m gentle on the scalp, I have a sensitive scalp and their products are scalp balancing meaning no itchiness, no nasties (cute for for me).
I then towel dry and pop the Disciplina mask on for 10 mins which softens, smooths and nourishes as I need all the help I can get RN. Rinse out and you’re ready for the next step! 
Next, I applied half a walnut size of the Curly Cream into the palm of my hand and gently scrunch into my hair with my head upside down! I don’t like to use too much product as my hair is fine so if you have thicker hair I’d use a walnut size. Also I try not too towel dry the hair too much as water is your friend, and our curls need all the moisture they can get!

Tips for application 

I’m no pro, but I like to seperate the hair into small sections, twist the hair using my fingers, and then in those sections gently scrunch it upwards towards the root, which will enhance my curl. And because I’m really trying to avoid heat at the mo, I leave to dry naturally. But you can diffuse your curls on a low heat to really add volume and definition! 

Final thoughts

I will cut to the chase. I feel like I might cry even talking about it. But my hair has never felt more soft, supple and silky, plus there is NO frizz, believe me. I will defs be using this every. Single. Wash. Day. I pretty much have been sleeping with it under my pillow.

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Lara Severino on July 04, 2021