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Get the perfect brows with Garbo & Kelly's eyebrow kit

If you could pick one - and we really mean just one - beauty product, what would it be? For example, some girls can’t live without foundation or maybe concealer. But for us, it’s definitely got to be brow makeup. And boy, do we have the ultimate eyebrow kit for you.

The eyebrow kit in question is made by homegrown beauty brand, Garbo & Kelly.  They have a full range of award-winning makeup - they were named 2018 Best Makeup Brand of the Year at The Makeup Artists Guild (Asia Pacific) Awards - but we’re here to talk about their Brow Couture Set.

While it’s not exactly one product, the handy little set has been designed to keep those brows on fleek. Plus, because they’re all full-sized products, you’re actually saving money. If you were to buy them all separately, it’d be $187.00 but the kit on retails for $99.00 RRP.

Read on to learn more about the Australia beauty brand and this miracle kit.

So who are Garbo & Kelly anyway?

Brainchild of beauty expert and brow expert, Carolyn Fox, the brand was built on inspiration from Hollywood’s iconic actresses, Greta Garbo and Grace Kelly. The brand ethos is that every woman deserves beautiful products and tools to create and enhance our timeless beauty. After a chance meeting with Anastasia Soare - or Anastasia Beverly Hills fame - in Hollywood, Carolyn decided to take her expertise and focus on creating products that would result in the perfect brows, chiseled cheeks and defined lips. 

What’s included in the Brow Couture kit - and how do I use them?

While it’s been designed to take you from your desk to dinner in minutes, the multi-product eyebrow kits can be pretty overwhelming. But we promise you, the Brow Couture Set here to make your life (and brows) as easy as possible.

The Brow Couture set comes in five handy colours and features:

  • Brow Powder
  • Clear Brow Gel
  • Brow Guides
  • Brow Brush
  • Tweezers

The first thing to remember that you can just use one without the other if you’re looking for something quick. Just because the eyebrow kit includes multiple products, it doesn't mean you have to always use them at once. For example, you can throw just the brow gel into your bag for a quick touch up over lunch. If you’re going out on a Friday then bring the powder and brush with you as well so you can fill your brows in for a fresh look before you leave work and head out for some drinks.

The brow guides are more of an at home thing to set your brows for the day. They come in 5 different shapes to suit all face types. Along with the slant tip tweezers and Brow Brush, you can tweeze along the powdered brow line to create the ultimate brow shape.


Are there any good tips & tricks to try?

We’re glad you asked! While most of us have some experience in filling brows, changing products - just say from eyebrow pencils to a powder - can be a difficult transition. Plus, the brow guides can be pretty weird if you haven’t used them before but if you follow the steps it’s pretty easy,  really.

Here are a few simple steps to get that brow looks perfect:

  • Always start by using the spooley at the end of your Brow Brush to brush your brow hairs up. This will give it instant width and lift.
  • Measure where your brow should start and finish. Use the Brow Brush to start in line with the crease of your nose and brow bone. Then mark the end by placing your brush in line with the side of your nose and the corner of your eye.
  • Once you have that, firmly hold the guide where your brows have been marked and apply a light dusting to Brow Powder - a dual shade palette which allows you to control the desired colour and look.
  • Finish with a slick of the Brow Gel to make sure the powders and hair will stay put.

How to choose your brow shape guide:

  • Monroe: Large eyes, full face, full brow
  • Garbo: Small eyes, small face, petite soft arch
  • Kelly: Long face, narrow temples, prominent brow bone, strongly defined arch
  • Taylor: Heart/Square shape strong jaw, prominent brow bone and cheeks OR Kelly for flatter brow bones
  • Bond: For the men

What else should I try from the brand?

Well, the extension of any good brow look is the perfect winged eyeliner. After all, what else is more old Hollywood glam that the perfect flick? Luckily for us, Garbo & Kelly also make the ultimate eyeliner. Seriously, far from being just your average eye makeup product, the Femme Fatale Dual Eyeliner has two ends - one is a liquid quill pen and the other a retractable (and refillable) kohl pencil to fill in your waterline.

Plus, the real catch here is that the liquid end also has a vegan eyelash growing serum in it, which means that in 4-6 weeks you’ll be able to see seriously great growth results in your lashes as well. What more could you ask for?

You'll probably also enjoy the Garbo & Kelly Brow Pencil which you can use to fill in any gaps in your brows. For a natural look, lightly apply the pencil in hairlike strokes where required.


Shop the award-winning eyebrow makeup range from Garbo & Kelly online at Oz Hair & Beauty today. We also have Afterpay, of course.

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Tammy Tu on February 14, 2019