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Beat frizz with this KMS duo

The fear of a comb getting stuck in our hair is anxiety we can all blame on the cult classic film Princess Diaries, where we witness frizzy-hair teen Mia Thermopolis undergo a complete hair transformation. The movie showed us that some days we get lucky and wake up as the glamorous Princess of Genovia. But sometimes Hagraid frizz can come out to play, making us resemble the pre-makeover Mia Thermpolis, *sigh* being female is hard. 


We think it’s safe to say, that the quest of getting your hair to look straight, glossy, and healthy without damaging consequences can often feel like a mission and a half.  So hear us out. Instead of leaving the fate of your locks to the hair Goddesses, let powerhouse KMS answer your prayers.


Coming in with two fantastic new products, KMS’s Thermashape Straightening Conditioner and Moistrepair Hydrating Oil will help you take control of your hair and say thank you next to unwanted frizz.


Thermashape aka Straightening Conditioner

Whilst there’s no denying hot tools are a necessity in achieving your desired straight hair, having the right products is equally important. This is why we love how KMS’s new Thermashape Straightening Conditioner helps create a gradual, semi-permanent straightening effect, fully customisable to, well, anyone.


Thermashape is true start and style hybrid, made with highly effective caring ingredients of traditional conditioners and powerful heat-activated straightening agents. These properties work together to deeply nourish and soothe coarse hair whilst granting a glamorous shine. In other words, this magical potion has the power to tame those wild Hagrid manes, and have us looking insta ready.


Moistrepair aka Hydrating Oil

After washing your hair using Thermashape with your choice of KMS shampoo, the delicious Moistrepair Hydrating Oil has its time to shine (literally). Acting as a straightening hair butter, 99% of ingredients have a natural origin and provide a lightweight hydration and nourishment for all hair types. In fact, Moistrepair Hydrating Oil is immensely multi purposeful and can be used for the following:


  • A finisher to tame fly-aways and seal the look.
  • A second day style refresher to revive the look.
  • A styler on damp hair for more style control.
  • A moisturizer for body, face and, much to our partners delight, beards.


So pretty much what can’t this baby do! Your hair (and partner) will be sure to thank you for feeling shinier than a diamond, without that greasy feel.


To make things even easier for you, here are our top tips on how to incorporate Thermashape and Mositrepair aka the newest dream duo into your hair care routine:


Multiple applications

  • In order to enhance the straightening effect of Thermashape Straightening Conditioner, aim for multiple usage when washing your hair. This is to ensure your hair is perfectly prepared for the styling process.


For Coloured hair

  • For coloured manes it’s important to use the correct products to bring out your hair colour without damaging your hair. For our lighter babes, our fav pick would be the Color Vitality Blonde Shampoo, as it works perfectly with the Thermashape Straightening Conditioner. And for our darker hair babes, we recommend pairing Thermashape with the Color Vitality Shampoo.


Heat for styling

  • For a salon style finish of achieving straight hair these products work best in combination with hot tools. Before applying heat, pump a small amount of Thermashape Shaping Blow Dry in your hands and work through towel-dry hair. This will help maintain the health and integrity of your hair, whilst achieving healthy and luscious looking locks.


Extra shine for finish

  • To attain the ultimate shiny and sleek finish, rub a small amount of Tamefrizz De-Frizz Oil in your hands and apply through hair for extra shine and humidity protection to keep the sleek look.


So to recap, we promise this ultimate pair will have you kissing your Mia Thermopolis hair days goodbye! Discover this range over on Oz Hair & Beauty today!

posted by

Lara Severino on February 08, 2021



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