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Feel fresh at any time with Kèrastase first fine fragrance dry shampoo!


Why this is the dry shampoo you need in your life

Bad hair days. Unfortunately for us, we all have them, even Beyoncé - but there is a simple solution to fixing any hair ‘mare and that’s when dry shampoo comes into play.

We know we aren’t telling you anything groundbreaking when we say dry shampoo is a life saver. Probably all of you have experienced the delights of dry shampoo over the years; it’s every girl’s secret for getting away with day four of unwashed hair or transforming a limp, lifeless barnet.

Yep, dry shampoo is pretty much everyone’s best mate, but with so many options out there, it’s hard to work out which ones are good and which ones are just going to leave a white residue on your hair. Eek.

Well, don’t fear, we’re here to introduce you to the dry shampoo that’s got everyone talking in the hair world and is fast becoming our number one.  

We’re calling it, Kérastase Fresh Affair Fine Fragrance Dry Shampoo is essentially the dream product for, well, anyone. Its magic, fine-powered formula is lightweight, meaning it won’t make your tresses feel heavy or covered in product. It works to instantly absorb excess oil on both the scalp and hair, so you’ll be left with a barnet that’s ready for any occasion. 

Ticking all the boxes, this hair hero has all you could possibly ask for from a dry shampoo and here’s why:

The dreamiest scent

Don’t get us wrong, there are heaps of dry shampoos with a nice smell, but nothing quite like this number. Co-created by Fabrice Pellegrin -  who’s an actual award-winning perfumier -  this fragrance is packed with the likes of juicy lemon, lavender, white musk and neroli oil. Think of it as like a perfume for your hair. Fancy, right?

Nourishing ingredients

This little beauty isn’t just sprucing up greasy locks and making you smell gorge, oh no. It’s also looking after your hair thanks to the addition of vitamin E. Delivering moisture and hydration, the vitamin E dosage will prevent hair breakage and ensure your barnet is in tip-top condition.


You might find that the effects of some dry shampoos tend to wear away by the end of the day - but not this hard worker. Promising to last a whole 24 hours, a few spritzes of this will take you from your morning desk coffee to the dancefloor...all while maintaining hair that’s refreshed and full of life.


How to use it -

The Kérastase Fresh Affair Fine Fragrance Dry Shampoo can be used for various styles and hair revamps, but are favourites are:

  • Revitalising a blow-dry.

There’s nothing quite like going to the salon and treating yourself to a glam blow-dry, but it’s pretty heartbreaking when your hair starts getting greasy. To make sure your professionally-styled barnet lasts as long as possible, spritz your roots with this to prevent an oily scalp and keep that hair looking it’s very best.

  • Hairstyles on the go.

When you know you’re having a sweaty gym sesh, the Kérastase Fresh Affair Fine Fragrance Dry Shampoo is going to save the day. Before or after your workout, spray at the nape of the neck, before gradually working towards the front hairline. Then twist into a stylish top knot and spritz a little more. You’ll have a chic ‘do and smell delish.

  • Boost before bedtime.

If you didn’t know already, using dry shampoo just before you go to bed is the beauty tip you need in your life. Spiritz the Kérastase Fresh Affair Fine Fragrance Dry Shampoo all over your strands and wake up to hair that’s refreshed and volumised. You’re good to go! 




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posted by

Kathryn Lewsey on January 13, 2021



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