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EverEscents: A New Era in High Performance, Organic Hair Care

Whether it’s the c word (covid duh), balancing our 9-5 gigs, side hustles, meal prepping, studying, budgeting, exercising or even trying to go a day without a mini breakdown, we’ve all got a lot going on. Being this busy it can be expected, that we often neglect and become complacent towards important things, such as the ingredients in our self care regimes. It’s easy to just slap on some beauty products or do a quick hair wash and not really think about what exactly is going onto our bodies.


When it comes to haircare, in our IG poll last week 84% of our followers confirmed they can relate to not fully understanding the ingredients they should be using. One user told us that it can be overwhelming when there are millions of options out there. Another mentioned that once you are comfortable with a product, even if it isn’t that amazing, it’s an effort to make a switch. The main takeaway? We aren’t alone in the struggle of figuring out the right ingredients we should be using.


So to make things a little bit easier,  the Oz Hair & Beauty team would like to introduce you to EverEscents organic hair range aka natural, organic hair heaven. EverEscents’s range harnesses the benefits of plant based, Certified Organic ingredients merged together from the abundant Australian environment, to leave hair feeling much more manageable and healthy. And the best part - you can feel rest assured about the goodness going into your hair.



So what exactly is in the collection?


EverEscents' range is broad and have many products suited for all hair types and concerns. However regardless of what you pick, all products are crafted with organic ingredients, and are Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly. Some of our favourite ingredients are:


  • Chamomile extract to boost colour & hair health: This is a fabulous addition of improving the colour and general health of your hair, whilst making it soft and supple. Chamomile has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, whilst being soothing and calming. This is one of nature’s safest and most effective sedatives.
  • Horsetail herb extract for healing effects: This is considered to have the best possible healing effect for most skin conditions. It has healing and calming properties and strengthens the hair whilst giving a healthier glow.
  • Sage extract for instant shine: Sage is a good cleanser for the hair and is said to help promote good shine. Sage also strengthens and thickens hair.


The EverEscent's organic hair care range has been made with years of extensive research in conjunction with world class hairdressers, cosmetic scientists and the natural health care industry, to formulate high performance organic hair care products. So to put it simply,  a) its good sh*t and b) it will change the way you view “natural” hair care.



The collection

EverEscents is your ticket to Certified Organic ingredients and formulas that address your needs, while also addressing your concerns. The whole collection smells divine, is great for you, enhances the manageability and natural beauty of all hair types and is brimming with natural goodness.

Whether you are a bleach blonde babe, curly hair gal, coloured hair like a rainbow, EverEscents has the right products for you. Click here to find out which products are best suited for your hair type and concerns.




Good hair = better planet 

Not only will your hair be thanking you for shopping organic, there’s also another amazing reason why you should be switching to EverEscents’s products: the planet.


EverEscents is an innovative, socially conscious and responsible company who are extremely passionate about the environment. They are a proud, long-term partner of Camp Quality, donating 10c from every product sold to assist in providing Australian kids with cancer the opportunity to thrive. The company also plants over 600 trees a year through Carbon Neutral’s Plant-A-Tree Program helping to achieve a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions. Additionally, EverEscents also supports the work of The Orangutan Project who work tirelessly to safeguard Orangutans and the rainforests of Borneo from destruction caused by harvesting and the production of Palm Oil.


So when you purchase a beautiful product from EverEscents, you go to bed knowing you have made an ethical choice as well as cared for the environment, yourself and your hair.


Shop the EverEscents organic hair care range today at Oz Hair & Beauty, as well as our ethical collection.