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Best Blue Shampoo For Brunettes: Redken Brownlights

A chat about the best shampoo for brunettes with Sara Crampton

So we’ve talked a little bit about how much we love blue shampoo for brunettes, and in particular the Redken Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo. But now we’ve got further confirmation on how good it is (and why it’s the best shampoo for brunettes) thanks to an endorsement from Sara Crampton - although you might know her best as Harper & Harley.

As one of the original Australian style bloggers, Sara’s been a go-to for us and many others on the wardrobe and beauty inspiration front, especially when it comes to effortless chic vibes that stand the test of time. In the years since starting the blog, she’s used her eye for timeless wardrobe pieces to create The Undone, an online shopping destination for the ‘effortless minimalist’. On the platform, she sells essential wardrobe pieces that people can reach for over and over again. 

This classic approach to fashion is also how she approaches beauty and hair care. A scroll through Sara’s Instagram shows glowing dewy, hydrated skin, minimal makeup and brunette locks that seem undemanding - like it looks that good all the time. But it turns out that the Redken Brownlights range has been a huge help, especially as she navigates this lockdown period with her now 7 month old son, William.

Below we chat to her about discovering Redken Brownlights, how it’s changed her hair and the importance of taking time out for yourself to get back to feeling like ‘you’, especially as a new mum.



Sara Crampton on the best shampoos for brunettes

How did you discover the Redken Brownlights range?

The team at L’Oreal actually introduced me to the range during the lockdown period. With a little baby and COVID-19 it was almost impossible for me to get to a hairdresser, so I think they realised this product would be perfect for me. 

Have you used hair care designed specifically for brunettes before?

I haven’t actually, this was the first time. 

Can you tell us about the difference you've noticed in your hair - and hair colour - since you started using the Redken Brownlights range?

I hadn’t had an in-salon treatment for over 6 months and the lighter bits throughout my hair had turned a little brassier than I would have preferred. I trialled the range for a few months and it’s made a huge difference to the feel and also the colour of my hair. I would say my hair feels more nourished, but the biggest difference is that the blue wash has neutralised the brassiness while still looking natural.

How often do you get your hair done and do you find that the Redken Brownlights range helps maintain your colour?

I would class myself as very low maintenance, which could be a nice way of saying I’m a little bit lazy with my hair, and only get it cut twice a year and coloured once a year. As a brunette I’m lucky in that regard and also always choose a colour application technique like a subtle balayage that grows out easily. Since I don’t go to the hairdresser that often an at home treatment like the Redken Brownlights range is perfect, as I can keep any brassiness under control without an in-salon treatment or colour. 

As a new mum, how important is it to take some time out for yourself - even to do something like washing your hair with a good shampoo?

As a new mum, and I’m sure all mums can relate, showers are sacred places. Carving out time for yourself and doing things that make you feel your best and allow you feel like ‘you’ are really important. Having freshly washed clean hair is definitely on that list. 

People often think that blonde hair is a lot more maintenance than being a brunette - which is untrue - can you share some tips you've learned along the way to keep your hair looking fresh?

Brunettes can definitely get the brassy effect and dry ends, so you do still need to look after your hair. I need to get my hair cut twice a year to keep it fresh, and at home I try not to overuse the heating tools, and only wash my hair twice a week. I also don’t use too many products, and as I’ve mentioned, I’m very low maintenance, but I still like to look polished. 

Sara Crampton Harper & Harley Redken Brownlights Shampoo

So do you need the best shampoo for brunettes?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes you do because it really does work to neutralise brassy tones that can often come through in brown hair. Much like a purple shampoo for blondes, the Brownlights shampoo deposits blue pigments into your colour treated hair to get rid of those unwanted brassy, orange tones. This means, much like Sara mentioned above, you can keep your brunette locks looking fresher for longer and extend the time between salon visits too.

Apart from acting as a toning system, the sulfate free formula in the Brownlights shampoo gently cleanses your hair without stripping it of moisture or colour like regular shampoo. Follow it up with the Brownlights Conditioner, which also contains the same progressive colour depositing system as the shampoo and acts to keep brown hair cool and prevents brassiness. Plus it’s an added moisture boost!

Shop the best shampoo for brunettes - and the conditioner - as well as other treatments for coloured hair on Oz Hair & Beauty with Afterpay and Zippay today.



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Tammy Tu on July 01, 2020