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7 steps to controlling your frizzy hair

Snow shovel salesmen. Frosty the Snowman. Jumper collectors. They might be the only ones who hate summer more than you and your luscious locks. While soaking up some rays at the beach and Friday early marks are certainly treasures we all hold dear, the heat and humidity of the warmer months can do an absolute number on your look.


As the temperature rises, so do the chances of your hair becoming a frizzy mess.


What causes frizzy hair?


The first key to flattening the frizz is knowing what the go is with moisture. While there's a bunch of science mumbo jumbo that goes into it, the basics are:


  • Natural moisture from your hair and body is GOOD
  • Too much moisture from outside your body is BAD


In general, you want to promote the natural hydrating powers of your scalp while removing or avoiding unnatural moisture that comes from places like the shower or that main menace – humidity.


When your hair cuticles remain open and rough, they provide an enticing entrypoint for outside moisture. Much of how to get rid of frizzy hair is closing these entry points.


How to stop frizzy hair


Frizzy hair is the mane bane of existence for many. But all hope is not lost if you suffer from this annual annoyance. Want the scoop on how to make your hair less frizzy? Check out these seven frizzy hair tips.


  1. Shave your head.

A nice little number one with the trimmers all the way around is a fantastic frizzy hair solution.


Yeah, nah. JK, here's the real list.

 1. Get your hands on some primo products. Adding frizzy hair products to your lineup of self care goodies is one of the most surefire ways to get your hairdo to do what you want it to. One of the keys to fighting the frizz is to keep your natural hydration and moisture pistons firing. Adding some top-notch hydrating shampoos and conditioners to your showering routine is a great place to start. These can help the moisture in the air work for you while also locking in your natural moisture. Of course, supplementing them with hydrating serums that help promote the creation of natural moisture is also a great shout.


 2. Aim higher with your hair dryer. It's OK to cheap out with some generic knock offs from time to time when it comes to groceries. But don't cheap out when it comes to buying the right hair dryer for your frizzy hair. The best hair dryers successfully walk that fine drying line of bringing the heat to your hair without roasting it too much. If possible, look for an ionic or tourmaline hair dryer that will close up your hair cuticles to keep outside moisture from getting in. Also make sure your hair dryer has attachments that help give you more pinpoint drying control.



3. Comb or brush it off. While combing and brushing might be a mindless, everyday activity for you, it actually does a lot more than just help you place your various strands of hair. There are some other benefits that lie under the surface of your efforts that can make a huge difference when it comes to stopping frizzy hair.


Combing and brushing stimulates your scalp to produce that all-important natural moisture that helps keep frizz under control. But not every comb and brush is one-hair-fits-all. If you have curlier hair, consider using a comb with wider teeth that won't destroy your wonderful curls and leave your cuticles exposed to nasty outside moisture. Meanwhile, a paddle brush can do wonders for those with straight hair that gets frizzy. 


4. Keep the heat off. Excessive heat can be one of the main reasons your hair gets frizzy. And while you can't stop the sun and summer from bringing wave after wave of heat for months on end, you can lessen the potential negative impacts of curlers and straighteners on your 'do. Look for products that come with heat protection, which can let you enjoy all the benefits of using your irons without the potentially frizzy blow up.


5. Keep the heat off pt. 2. Another under-the-radar way in which you might be exposing your hair to heat is through the water temperature of your shower. Not only can hot hot heat hike up your hair's frizz levels, but water that's too hot can also remove some of the natural oils that keep your hair hydrated. You don't have to go all Wim Hoff and jump into an icy pool every day. But back off on the water temperature a bit.


    6. Leave your hair high and dry if you can. Listen, we know the morning can be a hectic time of day. You're constantly tossing up getting those precious extra few minutes of shuteye versus leaving enough time to put all the pieces of that perfect look together. But, if you can carve out some extra time in the AM, letting your hair dry naturally or putting it up in a towel can help you avoid that frustrating frizz life.


    When you do a rush job drying your hair, you create friction between your towel and your precious hair. This rough tension can damage cuticles, which, as we all know by now, is a surefire way to speed down the frizz freeway. Try to let your hair air dry for a bit before styling if you can or put it up in a sweet towel wrap.


    7. Smooth operator. You can actually put in the easy yards making your hair less frizzy even while you sleep by treating yourself to a silk pillowcase. This lux bedtime accessory not only feels super dreamy, but the smooth surface keeps your hair from snagging and damaging your cuticles.


    With the help of these tips, you can stop sweating the temperature and humidity level readings and enjoy all the good things that come with warm weather. Check out the great frizzy hair products and other awesome supplements on Oz Hair & Beauty and be ready to love your look in any weather.


    posted by

    Emily Fausset on October 07, 2020