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Hot Rollers

Welcome to the Hot Rollers category at Oz Hair and Beauty, where timeless styling meets modern convenience. Perfect for creating everything from bouncy curls to elegant waves, our selection of hot rollers and hair appliances designed to cater to a variety of hair lengths and types.


Heat up the rollers and then place them in your hair as desired. Don’t forget to place rollers at the crown of your head to create volume and body to your hair style. Smaller rollers or using smaller sections of hair per roller will create a tighter curl. Larger rollers or using larger sections of hair per roller will create looser curls or beachy waves.


Once the curlers are cool, gently remove them without pulling and let the curl fall to your shoulders. Leave the curls for a few minutes to settle before styling as desired.


Innovative Hot Roller Solutions
Explore our range of hot hair rollers, including options like the Babyliss hot rollers. Whether you're in search of hot rollers Australia loves or the latest global trends, we've got you covered.


Best Hot Rollers for Every Hair Type
For those with longer locks, our hot rollers for long hair are a perfect choice, while our large hot rollers are ideal for creating looser, more voluminous curls. The Babyliss Pro hot rollers stand out for their ease of use and lasting results.


Compact and Convenient
For styling on the go, consider our travel hot rollers Australia, designed to be lightweight and portable without compromising on performance.


Ceramic and Ionic Options
Experience the benefits of ceramic hot rollers, which distribute heat evenly and help to reduce frizz, making them a great choice for those looking to achieve smooth, defined curls.


Styling for Curly Hair
Our hot rollers are perfect for enhancing curly hair. Complement your styling routine with our range of curly hair products and curly hair styles essentials, ensuring your curls look their best every day.


Heat Protection for Healthy Hair
Don't forget to prep your hair with a heat protectant spray like the GHD heat protect spray to safeguard your hair from heat damage during styling. A good protour hair healthy but also enhances the effectiveness of the hot rollers. Explore our thermal protection collection for shampoos and conditioners that can help prevent heat damage. 


Leading Brands in Hair Styling
We're proud to feature industry-leading brands such as Cloud Nine, and Babyliss Pro. These brands are known for their innovative approach to hair styling, offering high-quality hot rollers that deliver exceptional results.


At Oz Hair and Beauty, we understand the importance of having the right tools to achieve your desired look. Our collection of hot rollers is carefully curated to ensure you have access to the best products for creating beautiful, long-lasting curls and waves. Explore our range today and find the perfect set of hot rollers to add to your styling repertoire.


If you have questions about the hot rollers available at Oz Hair & Beauty or want styling advice, reach out to our friendly customer service team using our live chat service.

    Frequently asked questions(9)

    How to Use Hot Rollers?

    Begin by heating the rollers. Section your hair and start rolling from the ends to the roots, securing each roller in place. Allow the rollers to cool completely before removing them, which sets the curl. Finish with a light hairspray for hold.

    How to Get Hot Roller Curls to Stay?

    To ensure your curls last, prep your hair with a styling mousse or gel before using the rollers. Make sure your hair is completely cool before removing the rollers. Finally, apply a strong hold hairspray to set the curls.

    How to Roll Long Hair with Hot Rollers?

    Divide your hair into sections. Start from the ends of your hair, roll the hot roller up to your scalp, and secure it with a clip. Larger rollers can be used for softer waves, while smaller rollers create tighter curls.