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Dress Me Up

Dress Me Up hair accessories make creating sleek and professional upstyles easy. Requiring little more than a Dress Me Up donut or sausage, a hair brush and some bobby pins you can have smooth a smooth that lasts you all day.

Available online at Oz Hair & Beauty, these super affordable hair cushions help you create beautiful rolled styles in minutes. The soft netting design of these hair accessories means that they will sit comfortably in your hair without any tugging. Bobby pins can easily be inserted and hidden away into the style and the structure provides long-lasting support that ensures your bun or French roll won’t fall flat.

Select the colour that best matches your hair colour to ensure that it cannot be seen when used in your hair.

At Oz Hair & Beauty we stock a diverse range of haircare and hair accessory products to ensure that you always leave the house looking and feeling your best. Dress Me Up hair accessories will make styling that fiddly updo a breeze and are available in a range of sizes to suit your hair and style.