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Free 2-piece Olaplex sample set when you spend $139 on Olaplex! - Shop Now


Dermalogica has been helping people around the world for more than 35 years. Originally developed to help skin therapists deliver the best outcomes for clients, these amazing skincare products are now available for all to use at home to help look and feel our best. Oz Hair & Beauty is here to make it easy to buy Dermalogica products in Australia. With a great range of options for tackling all sorts of skincare concerns, from acne and scarring to dehydrated and dull skin, fine lines and wrinkles and more, you can find a new professional-grade product to add to your routine right here.

Whether you're putting together a new summer skincare routine or just need to replenish your UV protection supplies, Dermalogica sunscreen can help guard your outer layer against the sun’s harsh rays. Or you can build some SPF action into other parts of your routine, as Dermalogica makes plenty of serums and other everyday essentials with this powerful piece of the skincare puzzle. Having proper sun protection is one of the best ways to ward off premature signs of aging and take care of your maturing skin. Dermalogica moisturisers and eye creams can also help in these departments, keeping your face hydrated even when conditions get a bit tough. And with plenty of options featuring key cosmeceuticals like Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, you know you can get the glow you crave.

If finding top-shelf skincare for acne is your goal, Dermalogica acne products have you covered there, too. With a collection of breakout clearing options, it can be a great way to deal with your acne quickly and easily. And Dermalogica cleansers and exfoliants can help stop pimple problems before they start.


With great prices and delivery options across Australia, Oz Hair & Beauty is the place to turn to find your next favourite Dermalogica product. Add some professional-grade skincare to your at-home routine today to take your self-care to the next level.

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