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5 easy tips and tricks for dealing with acne

Ah, who could forget those awkward teenage years? Building up the confidence to finally go and talk to that boy or girl you've had your eye on all term. Fretting over what you're going to wear to the formal. Sweating the results of your HSC exams and wondering how you'll ever live down the embarrassment of forgetting your lines in the school play. And, of course, the acne. Oh, the acne.

While you can leave a lot of those devastating details in the rearview mirror, that last one can unfortunately follow you around for years. The psychological trauma of new bumps popping up just as you've gotten others under control is just as stressful now as it was back in your school days. And if you're not careful, you can end up with acne scars that follow you around for even longer. 


What causes acne?

Acne is caused by tiny little hair follicles in your skin getting clogged up by oil or dry skin. While the natural oil produced by your body is key for keeping your skin and hair looking its shiny, healthy best, too much of this oil can actually be a problem and lead to acne.

Ready to leave the dermalogical disasters of acne hell behind? Below are five easy tips and tricks that can help make skincare for acne easier.


1. Handle with care. There is a huge range of great skincare products for acne that, if used correctly as part of your normal skincare routine, can do wonders to clear up your skin. The first part of that – using them correctly – is key to remember. When applying cleanser, use your fingers to gently rub it in instead of a towel or sponge. And make sure you don't overdo it with exfoliators, either. Your instinct will be to rub your skin hard to remove the oils and flakes that can clog up your follicles and lead to acne. But scrub too hard and you can do just as much damage.

    2. Blend them in. All hope is not lost if you already have acne scars. Make sure you use sunscreen to protect the vulnerable skin from harmful UV, while collagen supplements can help boost your body's production of this vital, natural scar-healing material. For more intense treatment for acne marks and scars, check out dermarolling.  

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    3. Don't be handsy. Listen, this is a good idea in all facets of life. But the advice your mother gave you back in high school still holds true today. Try to minimise how often you touch your face. The dirt, debris and oils that accumulate on your hands throughout the day can clog up your face and lead to more breakouts.

    4. Go natural. While adding great acne treatment products to your skincare routine can make all the difference, don't be afraid to go with the OG skincare product: some good old fashioned H2O. After a workout, afternoon at the beach or simply a steamy walk home from work, splash some warm water and gentle soap across your face. This will help clear away any potentially damaging sweat.

    5. Mind the surfaces. If you find yourself continually dealing with breakouts, it might be time to take stock of what you're putting against your sweet, sweet skin. Make sure you're rotating your towels on the reg (including bath towels and washcloths). Keep your phone screen wiped clean of oils and residue. And definitely swap out your pillowcases each week, as that's another spot in which residue can gather and be passed on to your face.


    From skincare for acne scars to everyday habits you can get in to to break the breakout cycle, there's plenty of easy steps to take to get your acne under control. Adding a few new products from the huge range here at Oz Hair & Beauty to your rotation and being more mindful of what you're putting up against your face might just put an end to your long acne nightmare.

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    Vanessa Isaac on October 09, 2020