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Get rolling with your next favourite skincare practice


Think about the best massages you've ever gotten. Those ones where the masseuse or physio do an absolute number on your tightest, sorest spots, like you owe them money or have sent inappropriate texts to their partner. As you lay facedown on the massage table, you wonder why you signed up to let this professional torture artist dig into your muscles and tendons. And paid for it, no less! But then comes the sweet relaxation afterwards, when you love life and forget all about the pain and only focus on the benefits.


Some think about dermarolling in a similar manner. The idea of willingly rolling a device full of small, sharp pins across your skin might sound insane and painful. But in reality it's anything but. Dermarolling is a refined version of microneedling that helps promote important healing and absorption for your skin. It can help with many common skin and hair issues by prepping your body to repair, replenish and restore at higher rates. That makes it great for smoothing out wrinkles and scars and promoting hair growth.


It's time to get on a roll with your self care. Read on to learn more about how dermarolling can transform your look and make your favourite skincare products even more powerful.

What is a dermaroller?


A dermaroller is a small handheld device with basically three parts:

  •     Handle
  •     Roller
  •     Teensy tiny pins


They're similar to traditional face rollers, but that last piece, the pins, are the point(s) of difference.


Shorter pins will make smaller imprints on your skin, while larger ones will go that bit deeper. That being said, you're likely never going to go for pins larger than about 1.5mm for home use. Anything bigger than that and you'll want to talk to a professional. That means those looking to channel that pasty faced weirdo from Hellraiser should probs look elsewhere.

How does a dermaroller work?


A dermaroller works by making mini little imprints or, to be frank, holes, in your skin. It sounds fairly brutal, but really isn't. You won't turn your face into a slice of swiss. Instead, these super duper tiny imprints actually kickstart your body into gear.


Now, everybody's pain tolerance is different. For the smallest needle sizes (less than .5mm), there's every chance it won't even be as painful as your last eyebrow or nose hair pluck or bikini waxing. Larger needles (1.5mm and above) will sting a bit more and could draw some blood, so be prepared for that.


So, just what is possible with the help of a trusted dermaroller? We're glad you asked.

What can I do with a dermaroller?

Dermarollers are team players. They work hand in hand with everything from your body's natural healing and growing powers to your favourite products and supplements. Here are a few areas in which a dermaroller can help.


Let it in

One of the best uses for a dermaroller is as a special delivery service for your favourite skincare products. By making shallow imprints in your face, you make it easier for your favourite nourishing serums, cleansers and more get to work. Boost the power of your favourite anti-aging products and turn back the years. Or get even more cracking collagen production from your supplements. In general, smaller pins should be enough to do the trick here.


Smooth it out

Wrinkles, scars and stretch marks are prime targets for dermarollers. Small holes made by the as you gently move the dermaroller over your skin get your body's natural healing power into action by enticing it to produce collagen. This is what fills out your skin, smoothing over cracks and scarred areas. By promoting collagen creation, you're helping your body help itself. To trigger this collagen production, you'll want to use pins that are slightly longer.


Grow it back

A dermaroller can bring a new dimension to your hair growth efforts, making it an excellent option for all you gentlemen out there. Similar to the way the tiny pins get your body to produce healing collagen, small pricks atop your head encourage your body to heal the area through hair production. This can be especially helpful if you're experiencing male pattern baldness or your part is getting a bit out of control.



How do I use a dermaroller?

Ready to rock and roll? Here's a step-by-step guide to using a dermaroller.



1)   Wash your roller. Not to be too dramatic, but don't forget you'll be breaking open tiny little pieces of your skin. The last thing you want to do is drag dirt and debris in there. Soak your dermaroller in 70% isopropyl alcohol for a good 5-10 minutes before use.


2)   Wash your face. You want to work with a blank canvas. Similar to above, you don't want to drag and push the day's leftovers into your face when you roll.


3) Roll vertically. Work one section at a time. For example, if you're rolling your face, start with your forehead. Roll upwards in one direction 6-8 times depending on what feels comfortable. One direction means you should lift the roller up off your skin and go back to the starting point, rather than rolling it back.


4) Roll horizontally Once you've gone vertical, it's time to cover the same area horizontally. Using the same one direction/lifting method, roll side to side 6-8 times.


5) Rinse your face with water Once you've finished rolling, give your face a good rinse with just water.


6) Wash your roller again Give it another 5-10 minute bath in the alcohol so it's all clean and ready for next time.


Afterwards, apply your supplements as you normally would, confident they'll have an easier path to greatness and helpfulness.


A few other tips

  •  When should I roll? Get your roll on at night, when your vulnerable, rolled skin is less likely to be at the mercy of the sun, wind and other elements.
  •  Does dermarolling hurt? If you're worried about the pain, you can use some numbing cream to help dull the sensation. Apply it after you wash your face in Step 2, but make sure to clean it off your face again before you start rolling.
  •   How often should I replace my roller? After about every 10-15 uses.
  •   How often should I roll? Let your skin tell you, but the shorter the pins, the more frequently you can roll. Think every 2-3 days for the shorter pins (.1-.5mm), every 10-14 days for medium pins (.5-1mm) and once every 3-4 weeks for larger pins.


Add more great skin care and hair growth products from Oz Hair & Beauty today to round out your rolling regimen and get ready for a new level of skin and hair greatness.

posted by

Emily Fausset on September 26, 2020