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Vitafive has focused its efforts on developing the most innovative haircare technology to help its users achieve beautiful hair at home and at the salon. This Australian company has been in the haircare business for almost 50 years: Vitafive was the very first Australian haircare product manufacturing company and even after many years, their commitment to providing high quality products has remained the same. The company uses its experience, expertise and access to advanced technology to provide the best to its clients.

The Australian government recognises Vitafive as a technology leader. All products from the company are exclusively Australian as well as gentle and safe on hair. No parabens, salt or sulphates were added to the products. Vitafive is also environmentally conscious, so the products are never tested on any animal. All hair care products from Vitafive are infused with botanical, organic and natural extracts.

With products that restore, strengthen, add shine and revive after using hair bleach, there is something for everyone.

Choose from the large selection of Vitafive hair products at Oz Hair & Beauty. Enjoy high quality products and great prices today.

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