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Vitafive CPR Fortify Repair Sulphate Free Shampoo 300ml
This gentle and effective sulphate-free shampoo purifies and prepares the hair for deeper penetration of active ingredients. Repairs and improves elasticity, strength and shine.


  • Repairs overworked and distressed hair
  • Advanced cortex repair and reinforcement
  • Reverses the signs of damage
  • Suitable for daily use

Vitafive CPR Fortify Restore Strengthening Conditioner 300ml
Instantly effective, light-weight, strengthening conditioner that restores hair health. Feed your hair with active proteins and essential omega oil that reduces hair breakage and seals split ends, leaving hair shiny and smooth.


  • Restores overworked and stressed hair
  • Advanced strengthening and conditioning
  • Seals split ends and prevents breakage
  • pH controlled to smooth and seal the cuticle
  • Suitable for daily use

Vitafive CPR Fortify Renew Omega Rich Treatment 180ml
Omega rich protein treatment that delivers a balanced protein and hydration formula to renew hair from cortex to cuticle. Hair is softer and easier to manage, with a beautiful shine.


  • Renew overworked and distressed hair
  • Reconstruct, replenish and revive
  • Intensive cortex reinforcement
  • Paraben free


Vitafive CPR Fortify Trio Pack


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