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Your guide to combination skin & the hero product your combination skin will thank you for

Peanut butter and chocolate. Netflix and a rainy day. Taylor Swift and a microphone. These are combos we can get behind. But when it comes to your skin, there's no such thing as the best of both worlds. When your face has both oily and dry sections, it can feel impossible to figure out which products and treatments you need to strike that perfect balance. Something that helps rehydrate your dryness isn't necessarily suited to those slick oily spots, while products that help remove that extra oil aren't always the best for your drier sections.

The good news is that when it comes to skin types, heaps of us are living that combination life.  Because of this, experts have created plenty of tricks and tools to best care for combination skin types. You'll find some of them below, as well as some info on how to tell if you have combination skin.

How to know if you have combination skin

So, just what is combination skin? Generally it's when some parts of your face are oily, while others are dry. There are several key factors that can help you figure out if you have combination skin. Here are a few things to ask yourself to get to the bottom of the mystery.

  • What's the deal with your T-zone? Your T-zone can commonly look, and be, oilier than other parts of your face. That makes it a good sign of combination skin. An easy way to test this is to simply wash your face and then give it an hour or so. Then check to see if your T-zone is looking a bit oilier than other parts of your face. If it is, you can officially consider yourself a card-carrying member of the combination skin club.

  • What are your skin issues? Seeing some oily breakouts on your forehead, nose or chin while also seeing those annoying dry flakes on your cheeks? If you experience both these issues at the same time, it's most likely because you have combination skin.

  • Are you using more moisturiser? Do you find that you're having to apply your moisturiser some places more often than others? If the answer's yes then, yup, you guessed it – it's a good sign you have combination skin.

  • What are your pores telling you? Another strong sign of combination skin is varying pore size, with those around your nose being larger than elsewhere on your face.
  • The keys to levelling up your skincare routine for combination skin

    When you're trying to put together the combination skincare routine puzzle, it's important to let your body tell you what pieces to look for.

    "Listen to your skin and keep an eye out for changes," pharmaceutical scientist and “Skinfluencer” Hannah English says. By doing so, you can better tailor your skincare routine to your personal needs. English also says it's important to not get caught up trying to target too many specific issues all the time.

    "Think about giving back to your skin rather than taking from it," she says. "Not every product should be targeting issues. You need to leave spaces for hydrating and restoring, too."

    With that in mind, here are some potential VIPs (very important products) you should think about putting on your combination skincare guest list.

    The not-so-secret weapon

    Remember what Hannah said about giving back to your skin? Hydration is key. All of you with combination skin, however, will know that it can be tricky to find a suitable moisturizer that is hydrating enough for your dry zones but doesn’t turn your face into an oil slick. Well, it’s time to drop the moisturizer that is giving you grief, because Murad Nutrient Charged Water Gel is here to change the game. It replenishes your skin's hydration levels without exacerbating any oiliness in your T-zone or other areas. Even if you already have your combination skincare routine sorted, adding this to your bathroom cabinet can change the face of your routine.

    A small dab at night before bed delivers vital moisture with a light touch that won't overload your oilier sections. Guess we were wrong earlier – there is such a thing as the best of both worlds when it comes to combination skincare.


    Other combination skincare superstars

    Here are some things to keep in mind as you build, or add to, your daily combination skin routine.

    Cleansers and toners

    The best cleansers for combination skin are the ones that can do the tough job of cleaning away a long night's sleep or a tough day out and about without damaging your more sensitive areas. Try something like Aspect Gentle Purastat 5 cleanser, which gently removes the dirt and excess oil from your skin without zapping your drier skin of moisture.

    The same idea applies when looking for the best toners and mists for combination skin. You want something that preps your face for the care to come while also giving back through excellent hydrating power. One great option for this is Medik8 Press & Glow Daily Exfoliating PHA Tonic, which gently exfoliates your skin without drying it out. 


    The BIOEFFECT Volcanic exfoliator is one of the best exfoliators for combination skin because it's formulated to target your pores with a deep cleanse but still leaves your more sensitive areas feeling soft. It can be especially helpful in the steamy summer months, when sunscreen (more on that in a bit!) and sweat can clog your pores, leaving you in need of a deeper cleanse.


    Another ally in the fight for superior skin is serum. When looking for the best serums for combination skin, it's important to remember what Hannah said – just because some of your skin might be oily, doesn't mean it isn’t in need of hydration. Adding a great option like Cosmedix Reboot Overnight Hydration Complex serum to your routine can be a game changer. It's midweight, so it won't feel like you're gunking up your skin's surface, but it will lock in key moisture overnight. 

    And don't forget…

    Regardless of your skin type, protecting your face and body from the sun is absolutely non-negotiable. 

    "Never skip your sunscreen! And reapply," Hannah says. "It's the best thing you can ever do for your skin and a way to protect your investment into other products and clinical treatments."

    If you’re in need of a high-performance sunscreen but don’t want to add another step to your morning beauty routine, the Aspect Sun CC Cream SPF50 is a great choice. Offering lightweight coverage and colour correction while hydrating and protecting the skin, it is a must-have for anyone wanting to simplify and elevate their skincare routine. 

    Ready to take your next steps to combination skincare greatness? Head to Oz Hair & Beauty today and grab the skin saviours you need to look and feel your best all over. 

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    Emily Fausset on February 24, 2021



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