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Why dry body brushing is the secret to smooth skin


You might have heard the term dry body brushing bandied about on blogs and social media in the beauty world. But before you sigh at the thought of another beauty fad you could do without, hold it right there. This bristle-loving technique is one we reckon you should definitely be trying.

Tell me more…

Just like brushing your teeth or your barnet, dry body brushing is a method skincare experts recommend adding to your daily routine. It’s seen as the perfect way to exfoliate skin to the silky smooth finish that we all want, plus there’s even some studies that say it helps to reduce cellulite - say what?! 

A quick brush of your skin can work wonders and the benefits are pretty incredible. So what exactly are they?

A massage in minutes

It helps to promote lymphatic drainage - this is a process that naturally encourages the drainage of lymph fluids in the body, which removes the waste and toxins, and can strengthen our immune system. It even helps to reduce fatigue and leaves you feeling more energised. Lymphatic drainage is a massage technique, so you’re basically getting the same effect without the hefty price tag.

Smooth operator

On top of that, it’s a simple solution to getting that skin smooth and supple. Body brushing will slough away dead skin cells to reveal softer, revitalised skin. This also creates a perfect canvas for skin to absorb body creams and serums more effectively, while also preventing ingrown hairs - it’s a no brainer!

Fight the cellulite

So what about the cellulite we hear you cry? Okay, so don’t expect a few days of brushing to blitz away all sight of any orange peel. But, dry body brushing does help to bring freshly oxygenated blood to the skin, which boosts tone and elasticity. It evens out fat deposits under the skin, so it will look smoother if you make brushing that body a daily habit.

How do I do it? 

Quite simply, you need to grab a dry bristle brush and rub it in light, circular motions all over your body. You can be a little tougher on places where your skin is thicker, like your knees, elbows and ankles. But go easy on your chest and avoid that precious face!

It’s best to brush your bod just before you hop in the shower. Spend a few minutes brushing away - but obvs make sure that skin is completely dry (the clue’s in the name, guys).



Okay I’m sold, where do I get a brush?

There are heaps about, but we adore Black Chicken Remedies’ Garshana Dry Body Brush. This Aussie brand prides itself on being 100% natural, with products that are organic and free of toxic chemicals - who can argue with that?

The brush in question is brilliant as it’s been specifically created for dry body brushing - it’s even called Garshana because this translates to ‘friction by rubbing’ in Sanskrit, which is what body brushing is all about.

Its bamboo and sisal bristles will help energise the body, increase blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. It’s basically the multi-tasker of dreams.

With summer looming, giving that body a good ol’ brush is the perfect prep. Smoother skin for the beach, less ingrown hairs, more energy...the list is endless. We suggest getting your mitts on one ASAP.

posted by

Kathryn Lewsey on November 05, 2020