What is Dermaplaning?

So what's the deal with dermaplaning? 

We have a new entrant in the fight for amazing skin, and its name is dermaplaning. But what exactly is this beauty trend, and what role can it play in making your face look and feel its freshest best? 

Here's a brief breakdown of dermaplaning in plain English.

What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is like getting the closest shave of your life. Think of it like you're sitting back in one of those old-timey barber shops, and a man with a great big mustache leans you back and takes a straight razor to your face, leaving it smooth and silky.

With dermaplaning, you use a super sharp tool to get super up close and personal with your face and remove peach fuzz (also known as vellus hair). Think of it as another way to exfoliate your face. But instead of using exfoliators, you use a tool to remove small particles for that extra clean shine.

While people used to rely on professionals for dermaplaning, there's been a recent rise in dermaplaning at home. You can now buy dermaplaning kits featuring a dermaplaning tool that makes it easier for you to shave away to your heart's content.

What are the benefits of dermaplaning?

When you take a dermaplaning tool to your skin, you remove one extra barrier that sits on your face. This can have many benefits, including: 

  •     Providing a better canvas on which to apply your favourite makeup
  •     Removing dead skin cells that can otherwise flake off
  •     Promoting the creation of collagen that's vital to keeping your skin looking fresher, fuller and more vibrant
  •     Making your skin look brighter
  •     Increasing your self confidence if you're worried about your peach fuzz hair sticking out too much


For those who have extra dry skin or acne, it's a sharp idea to check with a dermatologist before trying dermaplaning, as it can lead to scarring if done incorrectly.

 Ready to unleash that smooth criminal you always knew you had inside you? Hop aboard the dermaplane plane and create a fantastic new runway for your favourite Oz Hair & Beauty makeup and facial products.

posted by

Vanessa Isaac on September 26, 2020