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Tips and tricks for ditching dull hair

Shine your brightest with this ultimate guide to dealing with dull hair

We all crave that shiny, luscious hair, but unfortunately for a lot of us, we don't all wake up like that. For many of us, our default look is dull and tired. A boring, sluggish hairstyle can have a range of impacts, from denting your self-confidence to stealing some of the spotlight off your radiant skin or newest gorge outfit. 


It's time to take the power back. Is dull, tired hair stopping your shine? Well, here's a bright idea – do something about it! Read on to learn what might be causing your dull hair and just what the heck you can do to breathe some life back into it.

What causes dull hair?

Like many skin and hair issues, dull hair causes can be wide and varied, and dull hair is about more than a lifeless look – it also means your hair can become brittle and frizzy. Read on for a crash course in what can lead to a dull disaster.


  • Your diet. Ugh, as if we needed another reason to worry about what we're piling onto our plates! Nutrients such as protein, beta-carotene, Vitamin D and biotin are just a few of the key contributors to shiny hair. On the other hand, eating a diet that is lacking in fresh, nutrient-rich food is a recipe for a hair disaster. 
  • Hot, hot heat. Listen, there's been days where we would marry our hair appliances if they would just get up the nerve to ask us, but there can be too much of a good thing. Overdoing it with heat can lead to dullness, as can too much time in the hot Aussie sun.
  • Too many chemicals. Applying haircare products to your scalp and locks is vital for keeping things healthy atop your head. But, once again, there can be too much of a good thing, especially if that good thing also comes with some nasty extra chemicals. Swimming in chlorinated pools can also dull your 'do, too.
  • Getting lost in the rainbow. The right hair toner and hair colour products can help you land on that perfect colour. But overdoing the toner or colour can do a number on your hair, leaving it lifeless instead of lively. 
  • Freaking flakes. As if dandruff wasn't annoying enough on its own, the resulting flakes can mix with your hair's natural oils and create a yucky matte that covers your hair and dulls its look.


How can you find your shine?

You didn't think it was going to be all doom and gloom, did you? Here are some hot tips that can help you unlock that silky hair that's just waiting to shine.


  • Think about your menu. As we said above, healthy eating can play a big part in shiny, healthy hair (and skin). See if you can find some room for fresh foods such as eggs, avocado, fish, spinach and carrots, all full of healthy hair goodness. No need to fret if you're a picky eater, either. You can take vitamins for healthy hair, too, with a quick gulp in the morning delivering a much-needed nutritional boost. Try the cult-fave Nutra Organics Collagen powder, full of bioactive collagen peptides to support hair, skin and gut health. 
  • Cool it with all the heat. Experiment with new styles that don't involve using your curling iron or hair straightener. And when you simply must plug in and heat up, definitely grab some thermal protection to minimise any potential damage. Hats also need to become your thing, especially if you're going to be spending a lot of time walking or hitting the beach during the summer. 
  • Humidifier? You hardly know her! But you should. Adding a humidifier to your home can help combat the effects of stale, dry air that can lead to dry hair.
  • Get it right with the products. Not all shampoos and conditioners and other dull hair products are made equally. So, just which ones should you think about adding to your arsenal to drop dullness for good? We're glad you asked…


Some of the best haircare products for fighting dullness, dryness and brittleness

Listen, we know nothing about boxing, but we once heard somebody say something about how styles make fights. Well, without knowing it, they just as easily could've been talking about tackling hair problems. How you style your hair helps shape the way you fight dull hair. 


For all of you blondies battling dull, yellow hair, a purple shampoo is an absolute must in your haircare routine. Since purple is on the opposite side of the colour spectrum to yellow, these purple-tinted shampoos balance out your colouring and fight brassiness, breathing life back into your tired hair. However, be wary of leaving your purple shampoo on your hair for no longer than the recommended time if you want to avoid ending up with dull, over-toned hair. For the same reason, we also recommend alternating your purple shampoo with a hydrating shampoo every other time you wash your hair. 


Even the best hydrating shampoo for dry hair can use a bit of a helping hand every now and then. It goes without saying that a hydrating conditioner is essential every time you wash your hair, but a lesser-known lifesaver is the humble hair oil. If you don't use one already, hair oil is a sheen sister from way back and can be a godsend for dull hair. Hair oil helps strengthen and hydrate for silky, shiny hair. Similarly, hair treatments can do much the same, providing a hydrating, moisturising boost that lasts.


If you're looking for a miracle hair treatment that ticks all the boxes, Salon Only SO Magic 28-in-1 styling treatment packs more than two dozen excellent benefits into one tiny, easy-to-use bottle. It does a little of everything to combat that dreaded dullness, fight frizziness and beat back brittleness.


There’s no doubt you have a fabulous head of hair, but sometimes it just needs a little nudge in the right direction to look its very best. By focusing on what you put into your body and on your hair and scalp, you can move past the dry, dull, broken, frizzy hair that's always kept you down. So load up your plate with nutritious goodness and let us here at Oz Hair & Beauty help you find the products you need for that top-shelf, shiny hair you deserve. 

posted by

Vanessa Isaac on March 21, 2021



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