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On CLOUD NINE: The best CLOUD NINE hair straightener for you

If you're on top of your hair styling game in any way, you should know the power that comes with having a mighty Cloud Nine hair straightener to call upon. And, if you've ever held one of these beauties in your hand, you're well aware of their power to transport you to another stratosphere of styling. It's not hard to see why Cloud Nine hair straightener reviews are glowing, or why these amazing styling assistants have become some of the best hair straighteners in Australia.


Now, each and every member of the Cloud Nine lineup is a bonafide superstar. But, as we all know, not all hair appliances give you the same results. So whether you're looking to curl your hair with your straightener, are on the hunt for the best hair straightener for thick, frizzy hair, or need a tool for your fine hair that won't leave your locks lifeless and scorched, Cloud Nine has you covered.


Here are four Cloud Nine hair straighteners to consider based on what you're looking to do with your tool, what kind of hair you're working with, and even how much time you have. By the end of this little primer, it'll be even easier to see why we think Cloud Nine is one of the best hair straightener brands in Australia.


First things first

No matter what make or model you get from Cloud Nine, you'll get the help of some super sweet tech when doing your hair. That's because all of their hair straighteners come with MiCOM power. This means your straightener automatically senses when the temperature needs to be bumped up or cooled down while you're styling, so you get an even flow across your whole head and avoid damaging your hair. Pretty cool, huh? 


Now, onto the stars of the show...


The Original Iron 

The Cloud Nine's The Original Iron is a great option no matter what type of hair you're rocking. In terms of styles, there's almost no limit to what you can do with this all-rounder, which is what makes it such a dependable tool for so many. From lovely, looping curls to that effortless casual, beachy wave look and all the way to straight-as styles, it's all in the palm of your hands with Cloud Nine's The Original.


The revolutionary plates in this Cloud Nine really set the table for makes and models to follow. Mineral-infused ceramic plates seal your hairs’ cuticles so your hair can hold onto its valuable moisture, leading to shinier, healthier hair. And Cloud Nine's floating plate technology helps the tool slide smoothly and freely for less likelihood of sizzling. It's all topped off by variable temperature control, which lets you operate in the range between 100-200℃ for the tailored care your hair deserves.


The Wide Iron

Cloud Nine's The Wide Iron is exactly what it says – a wide iron that handles hair in bunches. And that's a good thing.


When Cloud Nine unleashed this wide-plated wand, you could practically hear those with full heads of luscious hair rejoice. That's because it took the amazing ability of the original Cloud Nine hair straightener and widened its possibilities.


If you're looking for the best hair straightener for creating those larger, bouncier curls, you've come to the right place. And when taming is the name of the game, The Wide Iron is definitely one player you can't afford to leave on the bench. With 40mm-wide plates (15mm larger than The Original) and the same floating, mineral-infused ceramic properties, you'll get more coverage with each pull. You'll also find the same variable control action as the Original here.


The Micro Iron

When you need to get into the tighter styling spaces, Cloud Nine's The Micro Iron can help you get major results.


This tool's smaller size (just 15cm long) and stature, come with big-time benefits. It's a great appliance for those who have shorter hair but still want to get their style on. It's also perfect for when you’re wanting to work on the details, whether that’s getting your fringe on point, finding that perfect shape so your locks lay just right, getting right to your roots, or for those quick touch-ups. If you're one of the many of us who live an on-the-go lifestyle, The Micro Iron fits snuggly into your travel bag without taking up too much room. That means you don't have to sweat making too many cuts to the essentials when packing.


While you won't get that sweet variable temperature control of The Original Iron or The Wide Iron, the 150℃ of heating means there's plenty to work with.

The Touch Iron

Another Cloud Nine hair straightener that comes in hot with advanced tech is The Touch Iron. Its amazing automatic heating changed the game upon release in 2013. Instead of having to plug in and wait for your appliance to heat up, this bad boy does so instantly. The Touch Iron is great for all hair types and for those who don't have a second to spare.


And once you're off and styling with the mineral-infused floating ceramic plates you've come to expect from Cloud Nine, you can change the temp between 165℃ or 195℃. Toggling back and forth as needed is easy peasy with Touch Temperature Control. All you have to do is click the plates together three times to make the switch. Think of it as a computer shortcut, but for your hair straightener. 


Oz Hair & Beauty's excellent range of hair straighteners includes everyone's favourite makes and models from Cloud Nine, which have become essentials for thousands of stylists in salons and homes around the world. Find the right one for you today and get ready to style in style.

posted by

Annaliese Evans on October 20, 2021


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