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Cloud Nine is the best hair straightener

Why The CLOUD NINE Irons Are The Best Hair Straighteners In The Hair Game

With so many good quality hair straighteners to pick from, it can be hard to make that final decision - especially because they can be pretty significant investments as well. But chances are you’ve heard of Cloud Nine hair straighteners - and well, let us tell you - they really are the best hair straightener you can get yourself.

We get a lot of questions about which brand is the best, and while they all have their own amazing features - and we back every brand we stock on Oz Hair & Beauty - we definitely have a soft spot for our friends at Cloud Nine.

The Original Iron is multi-award winning for a reason – it’s also by far one of our bestsellers – so keep reading to learn more about this revolutionary heat styling tool. 

Tell us more about why Cloud 9 is the best hair straightener

It’s pretty common knowledge in the hair care world that Cloud Nine is actually the brainchild of ghd founder, Robert Powls. After leaving ghd, he set out to create a new hairstyling brand that would represent luxury and innovation.

Even with the introduction of its first straightener - the Original Iron - in 2009, Cloud Nine was revolutionising the hot tools game by introducing the first temperature control irons. It offered - and the current irons still do - less heat, which results in kinder styling for your hair. Who would have thought less heat might result in healthy hair?

Over the years, Cloud Nine continued to release other hair appliances like The Wand, and the innovative O Pod. But their main focus has always been their irons and continuing to improve them. They now boast innovative features like instant heat up technology and a buttonless design, just to make your life easier. Below are some of the reasons why we love Cloud Nine straighteners so much.

Shiny hair, guaranteed

 Hands down, Cloud Nine is one the best hair straightener options is because of its mineral-coated ceramic plates. Being infused with minerals helps lock in moisture, seal hair cuticle and minimise damage to your hair’s natural structure.

Tailored Heat Styling

As we mentioned earlier, the Cloud Nine irons offer less heat. The current styler actually offers seven different heat settings ranging from 100-200 degrees. A lot of other brands claim to have the ‘optimum temperature’ down pat but because all hair types are unique, they also require different amounts of heat applied. Styling with Cloud Nine’s lowered temperatures can reduce split ends and breakage, and consequently result in shinier and healthier hair.

It thinks for itself!

No really, all Cloud Nine hair stylers are equipped with a MiCOM (MicroComputer) controlled heating system. So it can think for itself and adjust that temperature according to the thermal sensor’s calculations. Combine like with the Ceramic Heat Element, the hair appliances can ensure an even temperature across the whole mineral-infused surface. Talk about a smart styler!



Which Cloud 9 hair straightener is right for me?

Another great thing about Cloud Nine hair straighteners is that there is one for everyone – and every hair type.

Original Iron

Being the original and multi-award winning iron, this hair straightener - aka the best hair straightener  - is suitable for pretty much all hair types. However, if we had to pick, this one is definitely ideal for medium-long hair that is thin-normal in texture. It has all the amazing features we mentioned earlier such as 7 temperature settings and a 20 second heat up time. This one is also a great option if you like to curl your hair with a straightener thanks to its 25mm plates.

Wide Iron

If you have thicker or longer hair, then pick the Cloud Nine Wide Iron. It has been specifically designed to tame thick, curly and unmanageable hair with its extra wide barrels. The thicker barrels are also able to deliver heat a little quicker to help with styling thick hair as well as the often hard to tame curly hair. The width difference between this and the Original Iron is 15mm to give you some context.

Micro Iron

The Micro Iron is designed for those rocking short hair or styling smaller areas like the fringe. It doesn’t have the save 7 temperature control, instead it stays static at 150 degrees. Perfect for those who just want a little shape and body, and only style small sections of their hair. 



Some final tips to get the most out of your Cloud Nine straightener

While the Cloud Nine flat iron does a lot of the work for you thanks to its mineral coating and temperature control, you still need to do your hair some favours to help protect it. 

Heat Protection

Our first suggestion is a good heat protection spray, you can either get a dedicated heat protection spray - or we also love Evo Happy Camper, a leave-in hair treatment that helps restore moisture but also protects from heat damage. We’re giving away a full-sized bottle with every Cloud Nine hair straightener too! 

Deep Treatment

On the topic of hair treatments, we’d also recommend deep conditioning at least once a week. We’ve talked about all the amazing hair treatment benefits before and it still stands. You need active ingredients to help restore your hair fibre from within, and ultimately this will help with frizz control and overall manageability too. We love the classic Moroccanoil Original Treatment for its fatty acids and restorative powers.

Post-styling cream

One of our newest additions to our own hair routines is Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother. This is like a Olaplex treatment and styling product rolled into one. Simply use a coin sized amount, warm it up in your palm and apply from your mid-lengths to end after you straighten your hair. Silky smooth and soft hair instantly!



Now that you know all there is to know about the best hair straightener, you can shop the CLOUD NINE Iron (plus the rest of the range) on Oz Hair & Beauty with Afterpay today.

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