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Let’s talk about the F-word with Jules Robinson

Yep, you guessed it - females. In 2021, whilst the rise of #girlpower and gender equality has been met with its many ongoing disruptions, the break away of traditionalism and challenging of societal expectations is undeniable.    


So today on March 8th for International Women’s Day we raise our rosè’s to you all, and celebrate what it means to be a modern day woman. And joining us on this special occasion is MAFs fav, entrepreneur, mother and all round icon - Jules Robinson.


To be a women is to be multi-faceted

In the words of Urban Dictionary ‘slashies’ are becoming the new face of women. What is a slashie you ask? A slashie is someone who weaves together different career paths, to promote a lifestyle that enforces a better balance between maintaining a successful career and creative pursuits. And now more than ever, females are dominating creative spaces and finding themselves embracing this multi-hyphenate lifestyle.


This ability to confidently embrace different identities certainly describes Jules Robinson. Being in charge of a number of social media ventures and projects, Jules’ overarching goal is to empower women to feel confident in their own skin. Covering topics from body confidence, mental health, bullying, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and of course, motherhood, Jules uses her social media platform to share ‘real’ and heartfelt content to her 650,000+ followers. This sense of relatability has led Jules to launch Baby Cub, an online blog and safe space, sharing the beautiful mess and conversations of motherhood.



 But perhaps her latest venture, FIGUR, is what resonates most powerfully amongst women. Offering sizes 6-24, FIGUR designs shapewear for comfort, confidence and with a positive message for all women. “I’m humbled to know I’m igniting a movement of body positivity. FIGUR is helping change the story for many women, turning competition into collaboration and working “what you got” is what I’m all about!" says Jules.


To be a women is to own your confidence and beauty

Jules’ mantra is one I think we can all get on board with, “sexy isn’t a size, it’s mindset.”The body positivity enthusiast goes on to say “so many of us occupy our minds with self doubt and tell our selves we aren’t enough, aren’t smart enough, aren’t sexy enough, aren’t thin enough, just aren’t enough. But really only yourself can change that story playing on repeat. It’s your story to own.”


Encouraging this confident way of thinking amongst women is definitely the motivating force behind FIGUR's diverse size range of 6-24, sizes that have commonly been neglected in the fashion industry for “not being sexy enough.”


So by creating shape wear, something that has traditionally been reserved as a sex symbol for a particular type of woman, and by making it something that can be inclusive for every woman, Jules has flipped the switch - and we are all bloody for it. That little tag inside your clothes may say size 6,16,26 and either way you may be challenged with fear or insecurity. Regardless of the number, that tag does not control how sexy you are, your destiny, your potential or most importantly your confidence.”



“Confidence to me is knowing who you are, having integrity, and ultimately being comfortable in your skin, in your choices. Nothing shines brighter than a good heart and a beautiful person on the inside. When you feel good on the inside this shows and radiates out. I think for me, these attributes contribute to being confident and empowered in who you are and when you feel good on the inside you naturally become more confident in all aspects of life.”


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posted by

Lara Severino on March 08, 2021