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Introducing Lavanila: the best natural deodorant

We’re always excited when we get new products in, but the latest brand to arrive at Oz Hair & Beauty is pretty amazing. Let us introduce you to Lavanila and their best natural deodorant. Renowned for delivering fresh, all-natural products, Lavanila are all about making a healthy lifestyle as simple as it should be. We’re so excited about it that we are even giving away freebies (keep reading).


About the brand bringing you the best natural deodorant

Smart, modern and luxurious, Lavanila are pioneers in creating 100% natural and organic body and bath products. Made from only the purest, natural ingredients and completely free from harsh chemicals, they do everything they claim to and there are no nasties to worry about!

Living an active and healthy lifestyle is Lavanila’s mantra, and a large part of this is being kind to your skin. All their products are rich in high-powered antioxidants, vitamins and natural oils to nourish your body and keep you smelling fresh.

Is it worth switching to natural deodorant?

In case you haven’t heard, the aluminium found in an average deodorant isn’t that great for your body. Aluminium is used to minimise perspiration, absorb sweat and neutralise body odour by blocking the pores that release sweat. Frequent exposure to this (and synthetic fragrance) has also been linked to skin irritation and other health risks. This has seen a lot of people turn to natural alternatives and led brands around the world to create better ways to keep us smelling lovely.

*Enter Lavanila*

Made with breakthrough natural technology, Lavanila deodorants are clinically tested, recommended by dermatologists and - most importantly - free from aluminium (as well as all the other nasties, of course). It’s easy to see why Lavanila is one of our favourite ethical beauty brands and the best natural deodorants on the market!

Some of the oh-so-lovely scents you can choose from in the Lavanila deodorant range include: Pure Vanilla, Sport Luxe, Vanilla Lavender and many more!


Do natural deodorants really work?

Fun fact: sweating is a healthy and natural thing. It regulates your body temperature, releases the toxins in your system and also works to boost your mood - we shouldn’t feel like we need to stop that.

Why do my armpits smell with natural deodorant?

Well, fun fact #2: sweat is actually odourless. That ‘smell’ is just the sweat interacting with the bacteria living on your skin. So when you make the switch to natural deodorant, you can experience a “pit detox”. This can last for a couple of weeks, and it’s basically your sweat glands releasing the buildup of waste, toxins and aluminium. It’s not that your new natural deodorant isn’t working, it’s that your body is.

A good, aluminium free deodorant will let your skin breath naturally, without creating that not-so-pleasant aroma.

How do you detox your armpits?

Nobody wants to smell, we get that! There are a couple of natural ways you can shorten the pit detox, which include:

  1. Having a sweat sesh: go for a run, laze about in a sauna, or do a HIIT class. Do whatever you can to build up a good sweat to try and encourage your pits to detox.
  2. Eat probiotic rich foods: since armpit odour is caused by bacteria, it makes sense to restore a normal balance by eating plenty of probiotic rich foods. These include: kimchi, live-cultured yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut, tempeh, miso and more!

How to use natural deodorant

Simple, just as you would any other deodorant stick! Gently roll it under your armpits and you’ll be smelling fresh as a daisy in no time.

This safe, aluminium-free alternative can also be applied as frequently as you like (especially since it’s safe for sensitive skin).


To celebrate Lavanila and the best natural deodorant joining the Oz Hair & Beauty family, we are giving away your choice of 1 Lavanila Mini Deodorant with all orders when you spend $69.99 - while stock lasts!

Browse the Lavanila collection online today for more natural, organic, fresh products to add to your beauty routine. Ahh, do you love hearing those words as much as we do?

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