This lash serum will give you longer, fuller lashes

Don’t we all long for fuller and longer lashes that just frame our eyes perfectly? Or is that just us? We’ve talked about how sometimes a slick of mascara can make all the difference both in a makeup and no-makeup look, but what if we said you could grow those lashes you long for? Let us introduce you to Lashfood Lash Enhancer.

The latest addition to the Oz Hair & Beauty family almost sounds too good to be true but we can tell you - and so can the countless positive online reviews - that you’ll start seeing the results within 4-8 weeks! Yes, you heard us.

While there have been other eyelash serums on the market - and taken out of the Australian market as well - Lashfood is by far the best choice not only based on results but also because it’s a natural formula and Eco certified. So no need to worry about nasties getting close to your eyes and just focus on growing those lush lashes, baby.

Read on to learn how you can get those lashes going today.



How does it work?

So essentially, like other lash serums, Lashfood contains active ingredients that will stimulate hair growth. The difference though is that they’ve worked really hard on only using ones that won’t irritate you (or the animals and environment) while doing its job.

The actual blend of active ingredients includes:

  • Phyto-medic complex: a medicinal herb extract that has been demonstrated to prevent hair loss and trigger the regrowth of brows.
  • Rice protein: strengthens and expands the lash follicles to create thicker lashes
  • Arginine: an amino acid for hair growth
  • Soy protein: a natural protein that strengthens and conditions the lash

All of these combines with Lavender Water, Adenosine and Peony Root Complex, which all act to prime and sooth the lash line for optimal growth will help you see results super soon. So you can say goodbye to those annoying eyelash extensions!

Is it safe?

Yas, it absolutely is! We’ve mentioned it already but Lashfood lash enhancing serum has a completely natural formula that has no parabens, hormones and only uses organic ingredients. So while people have reported that other lash growth serums have irritated their eyes as a side effect but they’ve ‘gotten used to it’, you don’t have to experience that with Lashfood. It’s why it’s been so popular for those who have really sensitive skin and eyes as well - all reports show no reactions, only results.

How do I use it?

All you need to do is apply it every night into your lash line. Similar to how you would apply liquid liner to the base of your lash. Simple! Just let the product absorb into your skin before you touch your eyes or apply anything else in the area.

The key though with all lash enhancers - and also applies here - is that you will have to keep using it nightly to see results. Even when you start seeing results, to maintain them, Lashfood will need to become a part of your everyday routine. Which is no problem for us because again, luscious long lashes are always welcome! Before you know it you'll have incredible long lashes, and everything from your liquid eyeliner to your eye shadow will be looking even more glamorous.

Do they have any other products worth trying?

We’re glad you asked! They actually have an incredible eye makeup range that includes the Collagen Lash Primer - which is a must have to go with your new lash enhancer - Conditioning Drama Mascara, and Tinted Brow Enhancing Gelfix desgined to give you fuller brows. They all contain active ingredients to nourish and help maintain your brows and lashes too.

Longer, fuller lashes PLUS a complementing make up range that doesn’t undo all the hard work? Count us in.




Get those lashes growing ASAP with the Lashfood Lash Enhancer today and shop the Lashfood range on Oz Hair & Beauty.

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Tammy Tu on March 20, 2019