Our thoughts on the ‘ingestible’ used to target pigmentation, dullness, and even under-eye circles

If you’re anything like me, you long for the day you’ll wake up with skin that’ll make a porcelain doll shake in its boots. An unreal expectation, sure, but a girl can dream. Bottom line, dewy, supple, even skin isn’t something most of us are blessed with. I’ve been quite happy with how my skin has progressed over the past couple of years (thank you 35 step skincare routine), but I do still struggle with stubborn dark spots, darkness under my eyes and dullness when I get a bit lazy with exfoliating. 


Something I hadn’t really tried yet in an attempt to win the battle against skin concerns is an ingestible. For those who aren’t familiar with ingestible beauty, think of it as products we eat or drink that assist with the external glow up from within. Unlike your external skincare routine, ingestible skincare requires minimal effort leaving you feeling a little less guilty about skipping your skincare routine after a big night. And if your ingestible is a capsule, it’s as easy as taking this with your multi vitamins. So, earlier this month I introduced Vida Glow’s latest innovation ‘Radiance’ to my routine, taking one capsule every night with fish oil, vitamin c and inner health plus (fun fact: hot girls have IBS too). Do I love it? F*** yes! Will I ever do without it? F*** no! Was it a game changer? Abso-f***ing-lutely! 


The Ingestible  

Ok, let me tell you a little bit about this baby before I get back to my experience with this life saving product. Essentially, if you don’t know much about Vida Glow, the brand’s mission is “To have an impact on people's lives through innovative beauty and wellness solutions”. Making a mark on the beauty game with oral powder, Vida Glow has an ingestible solution for fine lines and wrinkles, ageing and hydration. Now, the brand has released their first supplement; Radiance 


What I love most about the concept behind Radiance is that it was actually developed based on research on the most common skin goal us consumers wish to achieve. And what was placed on the very top of that wish list? You guessed it; an even/radiant skin tone that oozes health, meaning Vida Glow’s latest innovation would be one to help treat hyperpigmentation. Vida Glow is quite literally giving the people what they want, and I’m here for it.  


So, we know this little emerald green capsule delivers targeted treatment for pigmentation and uneven skin tone, but what actually causes this? Well, melanin is a pigment that determines the colour of our skin, and if our bodies produce too much of it, it can result in uneven, pigmented skin. What leads to the over production of melanin, you ask? Honestly, a load of stuff, including genetics, sun exposure, injuries to the skin, the list goes on. Yeah, we all wish we didn’t pick those pimples and wore SPF everyday, don’t we?  


Does this mean dark circles are actually a form of hyperpigmentation? Yes, it most certainly. As well as lack of sleep and allergies including hay fever, the same causes of hyperpigmentation around other areas of your skin can also cause discolouration around the under eye area. These most commonly include sun exposure and genetics/ethnicity. Rude because I do not remember asking for dark circles with a side of my grandma’s tabouli but here we are.  


Now that we’ve learnt a little about what causes pigmentation, why do we all need a little ‘Radiance’ in our lives? Basically, ‘Radiance’ works to reduce melanin production, giving you a more even and brighter complexion. As well as this, Radiance is clinically proven to increase the skin’s luminosity, reduce imperfections and soften the appearance of dark under eye circles. What more could a girl want? Ok, don’t answer that.  



My experience with Radiance  

So, as I mentioned earlier, pigmentation, under eye circles and dullness are my main skincare concerns at the moment. Before you @ me, I do apply SPF every morning, I even top-up throughout the day if necessary. I did have a bit of a struggle with adult acne in my early 20s and picked my face every time I broke out which I totally regret. Although it isn’t too noticeable, it did lead to a little bit of pigmentation around my cheeks. It wasn't until I started using ‘Radiance’ that I started to notice that my imperfections were less noticeable. It’s almost like it blurred my dark spots, giving me a more even skin tone.  


Being an ethnic gal, I am prone to developing dark circles under my eyes, as my skin naturally produces more melanin. And since we’re in lockdown, I haven’t been able to get my filler topped up to help brighten this area. Ya girl is walking around looking like she hasn’t slept properly in a month, hate that for me. One of the things I noticed is Radiance really helped with brightening this area quite significantly. I usually wear concealer every day because I'm quite self-conscious of my under-eye area but I haven't really been feeling the need to do so which is great!  


Here’s my favourite part;

with a name like ‘Radiance’ you’re immediately expecting your skin to glow from this ingestible. Well, it does! I honestly feel like my skin has been brighter than it ever has been. My skin is literally brighter than my future atm and I’m not mad about it, at all. I definitely feel as though my cheeks and forehead areas are especially more radiant and dewy. Totally ready to be the brightest b**** in the club when Aunty Glady lifts those restrictions.  



So, there you have it; blurred imperfections, ditching the concealer and skin as bright as Kim Kardashian’s diamond ring all with the help of a tiny capsule. Shop ‘Radiance’ and everything else in the Vida Glow range now at Oz Hair & Beauty 

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Vanessa Isaac on September 06, 2021