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Advice From Our Female Founders: International Women's Day

Here at Oz Hair & Beauty we support and celebrate women in hair & beauty every day, so it’s only fitting we show a little more love today on International Women’s Day! The hair & beauty industry is filled with empowering female founders who continue to prove, “The future is female” as they pave the way to a more diverse, sustainable and innovative industry.  


We asked some of our favourite boss babes “If you could give an up-and-coming female entrepreneur one piece of advice, what would it be?” See what they had to say below. There is a lot of wisdom ahead, so take note – It’s worth it, we promise! 


“Make more mistakes, take more risks & trust in yourself, always.” - Natalie Anne, Founder of Natalie Anne Haircare. 


“Be your own best friend, because people are going to criticise you, tell you you can’t do it. Back yourself, make time for yourself, self care is number one - look after yourself then you can be the leader.” - Jose Bryce Smith, Founder of O&M. 


“Pick your partner before your path. Through all your ups and downs, you will need a strong partner you can trust. Not only because there will be unexpected challenges, but life is too short, so pick someone you trust and someone you want to enjoy the end game with no matter what that looks like. Without trust and a strong partner, you will not succeed.” (on twin sister Zoe) - Kim Devin, Founder of Dr. Roebuck's. 


“Don’t be afraid to be the first. Each set-back presents an opportunity for growth – to reset and revaluate your plan. So welcome the challenges of being independent, innovative and agile because perseverance is incredibly powerful. Commit to yourself and your vision, and others will follow.” - Anna Lahey, Vida Glow CEO and Co-Founder. 


"Follow your passion and don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. Success is creating a healthy community. The people around me are the people who make Par Femme and above all, always trust your intuition." - Monica Nakata, Managing Director of Par Femme.


“Really understand the industry you’re going into. I thought I was going into the beauty business, but I had no idea I was also delving into manufacturing, supply chain, finance, warehouse, retail sales, marketing and HR. They’re the non-glamorous parts of running a business that no one tells you about.” - Shelley Sullivan, Founder and CEO of ModelCo and MCoBeauty. 


“Fear forward, you will never get rid of the fear, you just gotta keep doing it and learn to through with it so like nike just do it.” - Rumbie Mutsiwa, Founder of Rumbie & Co. 


"You can’t manufacture authenticity. If you’re clear and are passionate about your ‘why’ - it will be the North Star to everything you do. Also, surround yourself with amazing people - be it your team, advisors, mentors or other female entrepreneurs in your community. If you don’t have the answers, having a network of people you can rely on for support and encouragement is truly invaluable, as you’ll need people in your corner who believe in you and have the wisdom and knowledge to keep you moving in the right direction." - Ashleigh Hipwood, Co-Founder of Scarlet. 


“Know your passions and follow your gut. The life of an entrepreneur, especially a female entrepreneur is hard and there are lots of ups and downs but when you have a strong passion for your vision, it helps to fuel you while you are navigating the not so easy times and enjoying the wins.” - Vicky Engsall, Co-Founder of The Jojoba Company Australia. 


Last but not least, the famous mum behind Oz Hair & Beauty. “Follow your dreams, whatever your passion is. It’s a women’s world now so no one's holding you back. Do whatever you feel you want to do, go for it and don’t stop.” - Venessa Nappa


Watch our interview with some of our boss babes below and shop our Female Founded brands at