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Glowy skin minus the chemical guilt: Three Warriors tanning products are a game changer

Who else loves having flawless, sun kissed skin all year round? I certainly am a major fan of looking glowy af! It’s an instant mood booster and I always feel like my very best self with a tan!  


In saying this, it wasn’t until recently that I learnt about nasty toxins that can be found in self-tanning products. When I began looking for cleaner alternatives, I was surprised to find such a limited range of certified toxic-free and organic tan products. 


This is why I was so excited to discover Three Warriors. A brand with a passion for clean beauty with products that give you natural sun kissed glow, minus the chemical guilt. Founded by Corbin Halliday, Three Warriors was made for those who want to maintain a safe and natural looking tan whilst considering the health of their skin, our biggest organ. You can read more about Corbin's story here.


Natural and Organic  

Corbin was inspired by his own life events, when he fell ill in 2014 which made him rethink his daily lifestyle and everything in it. He was horrified to see the toxins in fake tans and was determined to create a product that is kind on our skin. Since he couldn’t find what he was looking for, Three Warriors was born: a fast clean tanning option. 

When sourcing the purest ingredients for the Three Warriors organic range, Corbin didn’t need to look further than his own home, Tasmania. Every plant-derived ingredient has been ethically sourced and purposefully chosen for its skin nourishing properties. 



Types of Three Warrior’s Fake Tanning Products  

Three Warriors offer a range of best-selling go-to tanning products. From gradual tan or instant spray tan, to face mists, there are options that suit everyone’s lifestyle. 


Three Warriors Gradual Tan: 

If you are more of a gradual tan gal/guy, or perhaps new to self-tanning, try out the Three Warriors Gradual Tan. Think of it as a built-in moisturiser with a golden glow bonus! 

Perfect for the face and body, it glides on easily, leaving you with smooth, hydrated skin, making it a beautiful self-care ritual to incorporate into your skincare routine. Use daily, alternative days or weekly depending on your desired colour. 


Three Warriors Face Tan Aqua Mist: 

If you are after just a quick spritz with face tan mist, rather than whole body, then you will love the Three Warriors Face Mist. Ideal for any skin type, the face mist can be applied 2-3 times a week to maintain an all-year-round glow. I personally loved using the Three Warriors Face Tan Aqua Mist, it gave my face, neck and décolletage a natural-looking tan. I also rated the fact that this product is buildable, allowing myself to control my desired shade. What is also great about the face mist is that you can apply before a full face of makeup, to give your skin an extra glow. Plus, it also protects skin from sun damage and ageing (Hell yes).  


Each tanning product will help you achieve a gradual faux glow in a different way. It is important to apply each product according to instructions, and you will achieve your intended glow. 



How to use Three Warrior’s range 

Prep is key: exfoliate! 

Before you apply any products to your skin you need to exfoliate to ensure you achieve the best glow possible. To not exfoliate is a self-tanning crime! It essentially helps remove all dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, as well as any previous remains of fake tan, giving you a smooth base to start fake tanning.  

To exfoliate jump in the shower, and using an exfoliating mitt or your hands, squeeze a small amount of Three Warriors Tasmanian Sand Scrub onto wet skin, massaging in a circular motion. This sand scrub not only smells great, but it is a natural exfoliator perfect for priming your body for fake tan. 

Continue to scrub your whole body, make sure to pay extra attention to dry areas such as the joints (elbows, knees, wrists, ankles) to avoid a patchy fake tan or patchy spray tan look.  

Once scrubbed, rinse off with water and gently dry off with a towel.  


How to apply gradual tan 

To apply the Three Warriors Gradual Tan, apply evenly with a mitt or bare hands all over your body for a natural and effortless fake tan look. 
Go easy on knees, elbows, hands and feet as they are the dry areas that can lead to a patchy fake tan (and no girl/guy got time for that!).  

Also make sure to wash hands with a pea sized amount of the Tasmanian Sand Scrub and voila! A beautiful, natural fake tan complete with a golden and hydrated glow.   



How to apply self-tan mousse 

My personal tanning product of choice: self-tan mousse. You can expect a deep, dark and flawless natural fake tan sure to leave you luminous! 

To apply the mousse, slip on a mitt, pump a generous amount of the self-tan mousse and apply in circular motions to your entire body, making sure every inch of skin is covered. If you are feeling lazy ask your partner or friend to help with your back (IYKYK). 

Also remember, the more self-tan mousse you pump and apply, the deeper your fake tan look will develop. For a light natural fake tan glow, wash off after 1.5 hours or for a dark gradual tan that develops overnight, sleep in it (ideally in dark pyjamas and sheets) for serious depth.  


Tips to ensure a perfect spray tan: 

  • Smooth, clean skin is a must!  
  • Ditch the undies! Or rock a thin cotton G-string to ensure the least lines possible are showing and to swerve the risk of a streaky spray tan. 
  • If using a spray tan machine, ensure the spray tan gun is at least 20-30cm away and spray the natural fake tan in a downwards motion - from thighs to calves to feet - in slow, steady sweeps.  
  • When your spray tan is completely dry, have a quick shower in lukewarm water, without soap. After patting dry, moisturise and proceed selfie taking mode. 


So, what are you waiting for? Glow like a pro and achieve a flawless natural fake tan year-round with our Three Warriors, all natural, organic Tasmanian made tanning products. Shop the Three Warriors range today at Oz Hair & Beauty.