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Glowing From Within: The Big O & Ingestible Beauty

We’ve all heard it before; the secret to glowing skin is making sure your insides are happy. Sure, investing in a skincare routine will work wonders but achieving skin goals requires so much more work than just slapping on a few serums and creams. Think of yourself as a machine, and just like every machine, all parts must work harmoniously for optimal results. Let’s delve deeper into what we need to do to glow from the inside out, and a few things that can help us along the way.  


Why Orgasms Are Important 

Oh, the smile on my face as I'm typing this. Ladies, you’d be more than thrilled to know that reaching The Big O not only relieves stress but also helps us achieve skin goals. Believe it or not, orgasms actually have anti-ageing benefits, so, if you’re from the era of hot pink Motorola Razrs and Von Dutch truckers, keep reading.  

Ok, so what exactly happens when we climax? Essentially, orgasms release a number of hormones, one of which is estrogen; a hormone responsible for preventing collagen and elastin breakdown, helping the skin maintain a youthful appearance. And if you’re still not convinced, a study conducted on 3,500 people found that women who orgasmed three times a week looked 10 years younger than those who only had two orgasms a week *stores away anti-ageing serum, reaches for vibrator*.  

Another benefit of the orgasm is that it actually helps with skin conditions like psoriasis, rosacea and eczema. Cortisol is a stress inducing hormone which decreases after an orgasm, and when this hormone is under control, overall inflammation is lowered, meaning skin is looking calmer than ever. Decrease in stress = glowing skin. Sign me up! Click here to learn more about the beauty benefits of the Big O.  


How To Reach The Big O 

Alright, now that the technical is over, let’s talk about the fun stuff; a little helper which will help you reach the best damn O you’ve ever experienced. If you want to master the art of multiple orgasms (who doesn’t?), this one’s for you. Can I please have a round of applause for the Womanizer Premium? And as she takes the stage, let me tell you a bit about the star of the show. This clitoral stimulator is made with unique technology called Pleasure Air which stimulates the sensitive nerve endings of the clitoris. And let me tell you, using this is literally like seeing colour for the first time. If you’re a sucker for oral sex (no pun intended), you will find it extremely hard to leave your bed on a lazy Sunday morning after spending time with the Womanizer Premium 

After you’ve invested in this baddie, honestly, just break it off with your partner. What’s the point when they can’t get you off like the Womanizer Premium can? But if you’re not prepared to let bae go, this toy doesn’t have to be used solo; it’s also just as great during foreplay. And when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Womanizer Premium’s autopilot mode is here to guarantee an even stronger orgasm, with intensity and stimulation patterns randomly varied for a sensation that’ll take you by surprise every time. For those who like to take control, you can work at your own pace with 12 stimulation levels to explore.  

Drink Your Skincare  

Ok, close your mouth, screw the lid of your serum back on and put it down; we have ingestible beauty for this. If you’re not familiar with ingestible beauty, think of it as skincare you can consume, rather than apply. Better yet, a magic potion; you drink and a glowing complexion appears. You can only imagine the phenomenal results you’ll experience when you add ingestibles to your existing skincare routine; it's like doubling down on your serums.  

Just like any skincare product, ingestible beauty consists of products which target all types of concerns from pigmented to dehydrated skin. As well as assisting with a variety of concerns, you’ll find ingestibles come in a number of forms including powder which you can just add to your breakfast smoothie or even capsules which you can take with your multivitamins. For more on ingestible beauty, click here.


Our Fav Ingestibles 

Vida Glow Hyaluronic Complex 

Now, let’s talk about the ingestible that’ll have you glowing from inside out; Vida Glow’s Hyaluronic Complex. Just by the product’s name, I’m sure you can make out what you’ll achieve by consuming this baby. Yes, that’s right sis, it’s literally like Hyaluronic Acid in drink form. You know those juicy, hydrated cheeks you’ve always dreamed of? They’re just a few sips away. Like any HA, Hyaluronic Complex essentially works to increase moisture levels and fight water loss. A big plus of ingestible HA is that it’s actually better at drawing water to your skin than traditional skincare would be. Just imagine the dew glistening off that skin after combining Hyaluronic Complex with the HA serum in your skincare routine. One of my favourite things about this product is how delicious it is. Available in an Acai Berry flavour, your tastebuds will be smiling just as much as your skin.  

Perfect for those with a busy lifestyle, Hyaluronic Complex is so simple to consume, you don’t even need to add water, just shake, open and sip up to twice a day. Chuck a few vials in your handbag and crack one open whenever you feel like your skin needs a bit of a moisture kick. It’s literally THAT easy. And with 9 actives which keep your skin hydrated, soft and elastic, convenience isn’t the only thing to love about your new skincare hero. If you want to learn more about all our other Vida Glow favs, click here 


Beforeyouspeak Collagen Coffee 

On to the coffee that’ll have your skin looking plump as you wake up;  beforeyouspeak’s Collagen coffee. Just when you thought coffee couldn’t get any better, the guys at beforeyouspeak have created the most delicious blend of Columbian coffee, and added Marine Collagen to make sure you’re full of energy and looking youthful af. Who wouldn’t want their morning cup of coffee served with a glow; I’ll take a long black please.  


Unicorn Superfoods Beauty Blend 

After vegan ingestible beauty? Not a problem, Unicorn Superfoods have got you covered. A personal favourite from this range definitely has to be the Beauty Blend. With a formula containing organic ingredients and Vitamin C, Beauty Blend promotes a healthy immune system as well as radiant skin. This deliciously sweet ingestible also supports your metabolism, heals damaged skin cells and helps with weight management; what can’t this thing do? You can consume Beauty Blend by adding it to your baked treats, lattes, smoothies, whatever you desire.  


And there you have it, how an orgasm and ingestibles will lead you to skin goals. You can definitely say my ultimate fantasy has been brought to life. Am I dreaming? Someone pinch me! Shop Oz Hair & Beauty for all the products that’ll have you glowing from within, including ingestible beauty and sexual wellness 

posted by

Vanessa Isaac on November 17, 2021