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Discover 5 Iconic Ingredients in Dr Roebuck’s Skincare

We hate to play favourites when it comes to ingredients, but these natural wonders deliver more skin benefits than most.


Dr Roebuck’s is all about high-performance clean skincare that combines potent native botanicals to make a real difference to the health and vitality of your skin. Here are five hero ingredients, sourced from Australia, that you’ll find in a lot of our products:




Kakadu Plum

The most potent source of Vitamin C on the planet, this native superfruit is our definition of a skinfluencer: it helps skin absorb Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid more effectively, boosts Collagen production, fights environmental forces like free radicals, and helps to even out and brighten skin tone.

Kakadu Plum is a hero ingredient in Barrier Reef Daily Face Shield SPF50+: our clean mineral sunscreen that protects against UV exposure, pollution, and blue light. Also, be on the look out for our upcoming The Goldie Vitamin C Glow Drops launching on March 10. This oil-serum glow drops harnesses the brightening and antioxidant benefits of Kakadu Plum.

Other products that contain Kakadu Plum: Bondi Hydrating Mist, Daintree AHA Brightening Mask, Uluru Purifying Mask, Darling Lip Therapy


Caviar Lime Extract

A natural source of AHAs, Caviar Lime Extract is brilliant. It is an antioxidant-rich exfoliating agent that helps to amp up your Roe Glow; it also works beyond the skin’s surface to boost Collagen production, stimulate cellular production, and preserve moisture.


You can find Caviar Lime Extract in Daintree AHA Brightening Mask, our trusted glow giver for instant gratification.


Macadamia Oil

An exceptional emollient, Macadamia Oil helps to hydrate, plump, and rejuvenate. A true nurturer rich in essential acid Omega7, it supports skin and leaves it soft, smooth, and naturally radiant.


We’ve worked Macadamia Oil into many of our hydrators including our #1 best-seller No Worries Hydrating Face Moisturizer: our lightweight but effective moisturiser that heals and nourishes.


Other products that contain Macadamia Oil: Byron 2-In-1 Mask + Scrub, Noosa Nourishing Crème Cleanser, Top Stuff Ultra Hydrating Body Crème, Darling Lip Therapy, Down Under Collagen Eye Treatment, Cushie Hand Therapy, Wategos Facial Oil


Tasmania Spring Water

Uniquely rich in skin-softening natural minerals, we rate Tasmanian Spring Water so highly that it’s become a signature ingredient across our range. It helps to restore and preserve hydration levels, reduce breakouts, and protect the skin’s barrier function.


Not only can you find Tasmanian Spring Water in our excellent anti-ager and elasticity-booster Ningaloo Firming Serum, but it is in fact used in all our products!


Blue Rainforest Oil

Saving the most innovative ingredient ‘til last, we’re proud to say that we are the very first skincare brand to use Blue Rainforest Oil. A true multi-tasker, it helps to decongest breakouts, calm inflammation, and boost Collagen production and is sustainably sourced from the native Rosewood Tree.


Blue Rainforest Oil gets top billing in Wategos Facial Oil: our ultra-hydrating face oil to help soften, smooth, and reignite your Roe Glow.