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Curly friends unite, the Clever Curl range is here!

Gone are the days of frying and burning our locks to acclaim the “dead straight hair IT girl” hair status. Now thanks to the demand of more diversity on beauty shelves as well as the growth of POC Insta influencers & models, curly hair is not only here to stay but is being celebrated and embraced more than ever. But with this rise in popularity of curly hair, there have been many brands attempting to profit off this for all of the wrong reasons. And in some sad cases, such brands fail to take all the steps, care and passion needed to create perfecting curl hair products, and by default, make navigating the hair world difficult af.  


So to make things a little easier we want introduce you to the Clever Curl range. Brought to you by the team from leading organic hair care brand EverEscents, the Clever Curl collection is a highly specialised line of hair products carefully formulated to enhance and embrace naturally curly hair to hold the personality and individuality of curls. The products make your curls shiner, bouncier and will have you feeling like your very best you.



Clever Curl was inspired by the Curly Girl Method

One of the most important elements about the Clever Curl range is that it was created by a group of Australian curl specialists inspired by the Curly Girl Method.


Introduced by professional curl specialist and stylist, Lorraine Massey, the Curly Girl Method is a handbook released to help those with naturally curly or textured hair enhance their curls while protecting the hair. Covering topics from hydration to heat usage, to the correct techniques and ingredients, it’s no wonder Curly Girl Method has been coined the ‘curly hair bible’ by the hair community.



The range

After two years of formula creating, talking with curl specialists including Lorraine, and prototype testing in curl specialist salons, Clever Curl’s 8 products were born. All of these products provide exceptional quality, clever ingredients and are completely dedicated to the care of all curl types in any environment. Plus all products are formulated with minimal ingredients and are sulfate and silicone free to ensure that nothing gets in the way of beautiful, natural curls.


To learn more about this range we chatted with Nathalie Darné, Clever Curl’s in house curl specialist who was trained by Curly Girl Method creator and pioneer, Lorraine Massey.


1. Tell us about the Clever Curl range and what makes its 100% curly girl approved?

The Clever Curl range was created by a group of Australian Curl Specialists inspired by the Curly Girl Method. We wanted to make sure there was something for everyone, so we reached out to the women and men that had been practicing these methods for years. The products provide clever ingredients that comply with the Curly Girl Method. All products are formulated with minimal ingredients to ensure that nothing gets in the way of beautiful natural curls.


2. What is your favourite product in the range and why?

    I absolutely love all the products but if I had to pick one to keep forever, I would pick the Wonderfoam. This product is a curl saver!


    3. The ultimate tip all curly girls need to know is…

      Love and embrace what you have and if in doubt, always add more water. Textured hair needs a balance of product and water. The two work as a team to help achieve healthy, bouncy hair.


      4. Run us through your fav curly hair techniques using the Clever Curl range

        There are four techniques I can’t live without. Praying Hands- this technique helps reduce frizz and distribute product evenly. Raking- this technique helps separate the curls to create a fuller more “lived in curly look”. This technique also helps with gently removing knots on wash day. Squish to condish – this is a quick and fast way to help push hydration and moisture into the hair. Roping – this technique helps with controlling frizz and hydrating the hair thoroughly. The best part about these techniques is that you can combo them together to help you achieve your curl goals.


        5. Who is your hair inspo?

          The entire curl community really. I get my inspiration from all off them collectively. I love reading and hearing about everyone’s curly hair journeys. Anyone that loves and embraces their natural hair gives me a surge of inspo!


          6. Heat and curls = yes or no? And why?

            Both! Air drying is great but a little bit of heat is perfectly okay too. Low heat and low speed with a diffuser attachment is best to keep your hair healthy and happy- anything higher than that can be damaging to the curls.


            7. What is your favourite hairstyle to rock using the Clever Curl products?

              I love a good head scarf and a messy bun!


              8. What ingredients are important to avoid for curly hair?

                The 3 main ones to avoid are sulfates, silicones and drying alcohols. Sulfates strip the hair of its natural oils. Silicones tend to build up in the hair creating a barrier making it hard for hydration to get through to the hair and drying alcohols dry out the hair.


                9. Now that we’ve established the nasties, what ingredients should we use?

                  Some beautiful ingredients that work well in textured hair is Aloe Vera, Hydrolyzed Rice Protein & most importantly water! Aloe Vera is a great ingredient for the hair and scalp. It contains moisturising properties that help keep hair happy and healthy. Hydrolysed Rice Protein is a wonderful ingredient that helps strengthen the hair without causing any reverse effects such as brittleness or breakage and water is the key to keeping textured hair hydrated.


                  10. If you could only use 3 products for the rest of your days, what would they be and why?

                    That’s a tough question, I love everything in the range but if I had to go with three it would be ones to cleanse, condition and style, so I would have to pick the Cleanser, Rich Conditioner & Wonderfoam and if I could sneak another one in it would have to be the Humid Weather Gel to help seal all the hydration in.


                    Shop the Clever Curl Range at Oz Hair & Beauty today. 

                    posted by

                    Lara Severino on April 12, 2021



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